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of the week.


several inches of snow locally. “Four-to-six inches” was the most commonly tossed about figure, but some spots were told eightto- ten. Ultimately, we got a decent coat of freezing rain and a light dusting of snow (less than an inch of accumulation). Local kids were no doubt thankful for, but somewhat disappointed in the snow-less “snow day.”

While there were scattered icy patches, particularly in outlying areas of the county, by mid-morning the biggest hassle most residents faced was getting their windshields defrosted. Entergy reported very few power outages and no major vehicle crashes were reported. The majority of the winter precipitation, it seems, had dissipated or taken a more northern route across the state.

County residents may want to count their blessings, however, that the area was spared any heavy snow and ice. In the northeastern U.S., winter storms and dangerous conditions have led to more than 18 deaths over the weekend. There are no threats of winter precipitation in the immediate future, as forecasts show temperatures returning to the low 50s for the remainder

of the week.

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