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The election is over… pick up your signs. This is not your trash can!


[ Editor’s Note: Well, to be fair, candidates that won their primaries are still campaigning for the November election. But yes, if you lost or if your race was decided in the March election ( like school board and judicial races), you or your support staff should definitely collect your political signs… since there will no doubt be a new crop of them popping ups in the weeks to come…]

*** What’s this about a teacher suing the school district because they GASP! wanted her to come to work? Once the schools went back to actual school and not the so-called VIRTUAL it was time to get back to work — you know, the thing you get paid to do!

[ Editor’s Note: Well, aren’t you the sympathetic type?

Look, I am not a legal expert but the law is the law. Did she make a reasonable request?

Was the school district in the right to expect her to return to campus like everyone else? I can’t say. I suppose that’s what this lawsuit will decide. There’s a line between being in compliance with the law and not being in compliance with the law, and I’m not sure which side this particular case falls on]

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