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Living in peace vs. owning a piece


W ould you agree there has not been much peace on earth and there certainly isn’t today? Who is at fault for the years of wars and broken laws that have caused a cycle of societal conflicts? Most people want to live a peaceful life. All they want to do is work and enjoy a peaceful life with people they love. They seek laughter, hugs, smiles, and comfort from others to embrace the non-conflicting interaction of the mirrored connections in their social and personal settings.

Living free from constant social issues and oppressions is very important for every economic condition of every city. In the bible you will find God commands to seek peace Psalm 34:14; Matthew 5:9. We should “make every effort to do what leads to peace” (Romans 14:19). Not everyone desires to have peace, but we are still to do our utmost to be at peace with them (Romans 12:18). Non-violence is always the best choice and the first choice for resolving differences. This way no one will get hurt unintentionally, and physical structures are not destroyed. You should think of peace in two ways: first as a way of life for individuals and communities and second as a strategy in political conflict situations. Finding peace without a firearm piece is a challenge for some people finding peace can be very complex and multi-faceted. When most people think of peace they vision absence of hostility, violence or war, and desire to live a quality life by having a healthy relationship with people or the public, feeling secured in matters in every level of governmental issues concerning challenging issues about economic, social justice, economic inequality, welfare, equality, and fairness in political relationships.

Unfortunately the use of firearms is used to stop the peace. Some wars have been successful ways of accomplishing bringing peace. Many people claim they want peace, but in order to achieve it unfortunately they must fight in war. War is known for bloody, gory, and deadly outcomes which seems very far from the words that would be used to describe peace, but ironically the horrible and disturbing wars that take place, are in fact how peace can be obtained. Do you think that being at peace without a firearm or owning a firearm piece will make a better world? What about making people understand each other more, put an end to wars, help make more equal opportunities in this world or make the world worse? To be at peace while trying to make changes to stop hate crimes, racial and genders discrimination, and years of oppression can be very challenging even for the humblest human. Dr. King who was considered a peace maker stated, that he had to pause when he was asked his opinion of the current state of the civil rights movement because it was not easy for him to describe a crisis so profound that it has caused the most powerful nation in the world to stagger in confusion and bewilderment.

Every elected leader should always encourage peace to control any situation, especially sensitive subjects, which could damage society’s social growth. It is obvious that the nation will keep facing crises on many levels which can be managed using peace. Peace without the use of firearms is vital for humans and animals to survive and strive for a better future. For many years systemic injustices, unfair treatment, and obvious differences against poor people and minorities has caused political, economic, and national violence.

These are issues, and conditions that are currently happening to this day and must be realized, confronted, and changed. Today’s society has war and peace as a solution to conflict but it is in everyone’s beliefs and values that will help them to form their own opinion on whether they should use peace or a firearm piece? The most provoking cause to have to use either is when the reality of a situation is not changing.

Sherry Holliman is a concerned citizen of Crittenden County with some views on a variety of topics she would like to share with her community. She formerly served on the Marion City Council.

Sherry Holliman

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