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faster computers or anything as far as I know.. And since yo mention China, what


President Biden recently warned that America’s former technological glory is being overshadowed by competitors like China. But as patent law expert Robert Taylor explains, this slowdown is largely the fault of our own politicians — ones who have routinely stifled American innovation by weakening key legal protections for research and development projects. To build a better future, Mr.

Taylor asserts that politicians must create a policy environment in which innovation can thrive. Only then will the United States regain its lead. [ Editor’s Note: I must admit I am unfamiliar with Mr. Taylor and his philosophy, but it doesn’t take an expert in patent law to know that innovation thrives when innovators are allowed to push the boundaries of their thinking and ideas.

Having said that, China or no China, what sort of technology are we talking about here, because I don’t know of any areas where the government is stepping in and putting an end to any sort of research or experimentation outside of ethically questionable areas like human cloning and some kinds of stem- cell research that require the lab- set growth of huma embryos to conduct such research. The government isn’t telling scientists to halt work that would grow better crops or make cheaper energy or create

great technological innovations are the Chinese coming up with that we should be worried about “ falling behind” to? Last I heard, Chinese products were largely just knock- off versions of other, better products…]

*** What’s the latest on the Family Dollar Warehouse?

Are they going to reopen?

Is someone else going to take it over? There were a lot of people who lost their jobs because someone ratted about the rats. [ Editor’s Note: “ Ratted about the rats is pretty good wordplay, my friend. As to your question, Dollar Tree, Inc.

( the company that actually owns Family Dollar, in case you were unaware) has said that the West Memphis facility where the rat infestation made national headlines is permanently closed, at least as a facility operated by them. Several months ago, I had heard rumors about the possibility that Amazon might be interested in the site as a potential distribution hub, or “ wish fulfill-ment center” or whatever they call their warehouses.

I haven’t heard anything else about that, so it might have just been wishful thinking by some folks. I am pretty confident that all of those folks who lost jobs last summer have probably already found new ones]

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