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How many women has Republican Herschel Walker threatened to kill with Herschel Walker literally holding a loaded gun to their heads? There’s Herschel Walker’s terrorized ex-girlfriends, his exwife, philandering Herschel’s mistresses, probably some poor paid prostitutes too, and of course no doubt several of the far-right female participants at the perverted Republican Party’s latest cocaine-fueled orgy at Donald Trump, Junior’s house. In case you haven’t heard, Republican Herschel Walker‘s personal mentor is O.J. Simpson! Why isn’t Fox “News” covering that story? Or are those craven conservative cult member commentators too scared to speak? The farcical fact that a low-IQ, brain damaged,

ultraviolent, compulsively lying, misogynistic,

subliterate moron like Horror Show Herschel was actually nominated by the Georgia GOP for the U.S.

Senate (when Whack Job Walker is still a resident of Texas) just goes to show why the ridiculous Republican Party is better known by its acronym “GOP”, which we all know is short for Greedy Old Perverts. The Russian-controlled Republican Party is a corrupt criminal organization of insane idiots!

Speaking of crazy cretins, Herschel Walker Texas Deranger is a sure loser on November 8.

[ Editor’s

Note: I’m all for Walker’s candidacy, as he absolutely will lose. The guy is completely

detached from reality,

and he has no business running for any political office, so it seems like a slam- dunk win for the Democrats who will need to hold on to every seat they can if they want to maintain control of the U. S.

Senate ( but I think those chances, even if Walker loses, are pretty slim to be


*** Wow are we in the middle of the apocalypse or something? You go to the store and the shelves are empty.

You go to the restaurants and the doors are closed. It must be the end of the world… or at least that’s what they want you to think! [ Editor’s Note: I would love to know who it is you think “ they” are. I do get what you’re saying though. I was pretty much OK with supply chains breaking down when we were at the heght of the pandemic, but here it is the middle of 2022 and it seems like everything is back up and running, but like you say, store shelves are often pretty bare, like I had to buy Skippy peanut butter the last two times I needed it because I couldn’t get Peter Pan! And don’t even get me started on how long it took me to get the furniture we ordered back in Frbruary… spoiler alert: We got it five days ago!]

On June 20, the Marion Fire Department responded to two working Structure fires this morning. The fires were quickly contained with no injuries.

Photos courtesy of Marion Fire Department

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