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[ Editor’s Note: I think “ pathological partisanship” might be my new favorite phrase.]


For those who haven’t been keeping up with the Congressional Clown Car, a quick update: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi created a special committee to investigate the Jan. 6 – take your pick – mostly peaceful protest/riot/insurrection. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appointed five Republicans to the 12-member committee, including Jim Banks of Indiana’s Third District.

Pelosi rejected two of them, including Banks, because (in the words of more than one news account) they “had voted to overturn President Joe Biden’s election” and it therefore would be ludicrous to expect them to be objective. McCarthy then announced that Republicans would boycott the whole process. Imagine, members of Congress participating in a congressional investigation not being objective. If I may, an interpretation of what is going on: Pelosi wants the committee to declare that Trump is an evil man whose anarchic followers want to destroy everything this country stands for. McCarthy wants Trump to be seen as the heroic victim of a rigged system run by statist zealots who want to destroy everything this country stands for.

What you’ve got here is U.S. politics in a nutshell: pathological partisanship. Well, actually I do, but I accept it as an unavoidable force animating today’s politics.

*** Does Robert Hall think he is the next Rush Limbaugh, or is he vying to replace Hannity at Fox News? Sorry, but if Biden is demented, Hall is right there with him.

And why no means to respond directly to him about his “opinion” pieces.

Media protecting its own?

[ Editor’s Note: I know it’s a cliche at this point, but while I rarely agree with Mr.

Hall’s opinions, I am happy to provide him a forum, especially since, like it or not, there are plenty of folks who agree with at least some of what he’s saying. He is indeed very “ Fox News- y” in his approach, but a lot of people watch Fox News, so…

anyway, I don’t know if Mr.

Hall would want his personal e- mail address in the paper, so I don’t include it in his “ tag” at the end of his column, but if you would like to send him something, you can email it to news@ theeveningtimes. com and I’ll be sure he gets it]

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