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West Memphis getting new claw truck

West Memphis getting new claw truck


Grant will cover part of purchase price The city of West Memphis will get a new claw truck to pick up trash along the city streets. The city won a partial grant for an alternative energy truck. The funds became available through a settlement with Volkswagen for environmental violations on some its vehicles. The grant provided most the needed money for an alternative energy fueled truck for the city fleet. Former City Public Works Director Amanda Hicks (now West Memphis MPO director) delivered the request for the balance of funding to city council on October

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MPO Director Amanda Hicks CLAW TRUCK (cont.) first. Hicks told aldermen the energy efficient grapple truck would use compressed

natural gas available locally at the Pilot truck stop. The city had budgeted $70,000 for its share of the grant. Hicks provided details.

'This is a grant that we pay for everything up front and we are reimbursed by the federal government,' said Hicks. 'If we ordered today, the truck would not be here until next year anyway.

Hicks said she needed to have it ordered in the next 60 days but the good news was that competitive bids were better than expected.

'We need to go over the specifications to make sure that it fits with the bid,' said Hicks. 'Its a federal program and it must comply with specifications but final costs look like about $47,000 to the city.'

Mayor Marco McClendon told city council representatives to brush up on the details with formal considerations beginning on October 15. City Council is scheduled to meet at 5 p.m. with Facebook live coverage.

'It'll be on our next agenda. I just wanted you all to know it was coming up,' said McClendon.

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