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Reaching across the aisle


When I was a kid, Ronald Reagan was the president. I know it was just for eight years, but I was seven when he was elected and I was 16 when he left office, so for me, he was always the president when I think back to my youth.

Now, I know the Reagan legac y has been more closely scrutinized in recent years, primarily for his complete lack of response to the AIDS crisis and the shady dealings in the Iran-Contra scandal, but whatever criticisms you might want to hurl his way, you can’t deny the man’s ability to get things done. I will never forget, Mr.

Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

Faults aside, I admire Reagan for one thing above all others… his ability to appeal to and cooperate with people on both sides of the political scene. The term “Reagan Democrats” was used in 1984 to describe left-leaning folks who supported his presidency. In fact, his re-election that year was the most lopsided election since George Washington.

So, what what was the deal? The deal was that he and his political rivals were always willing to work together on a plan for a better America. Here’s a word you absolutely do not hear in 2020… bipartisan.

Yes, boys and girls, it really is possible for the Democrats and Republicans to (perish the thought) work together, to compromise and cooperate.

I know it sounds far-fetched, but it used to happen all the time. Many of the great pieces of legislation of the past would not have been possible without it.

Let’s “Make America Bipartisan Again,” shall we?

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