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A very nice Labor Day weekend

A very nice Labor Day weekend


M other Nature decided to award us with several cool and dry days in a row. The first morning of dove season was ideal. It is usually raining or super hot and humid. Several hunters bragged about being limited out by 8am, others said it was OK, and quite a few told the sad tales of few or no birds. This is standard open days. The second day was good if a fresh field was hunted, but not many first day fields limited. Monday hunters seemed pleased. For all practical purposes, that’s about it for dove season. There will be a little more hunting, but there are more shells shot on opening day of dove season than any other day of all the hunting seasons combined.

Canada goose season opened on Sept. 1 and although there appears to be plenty of the big birds around, Papa Duck has not had any reports of success. Fishermen are reporting seeing some teal buzzing around. The early teal season is Sept. 15-30 and has a daily limit of 6 birds that may be blue-winged, greened-wing, or cinnamon teal. Shooting times start at sunrise, NOT 30 minutes before and both state and federal ducks stamps are required along with the HIP and hunter safety card. Squirrel season has been going on for quite awhile but most hunters don’t get serious until the weather cools down. Squirrel season used to open the first of October and hunters went to camp for several days and the limit was 8 per day. Now it’s 12 a day with 48 in possession. Deer archery will open later this month.

Fishing has been erratic to say the least. There appear to be no hot spots over the Labor Day weekend. It was mostly water and jet skiing and a lot of BBQ and party time. The good fishing is like the good hunting, the best is ahead of us. Archers and serious deer hunters are loading the feeder and checking the trail cameras. The archery hunters are putting some serious time at the bow range. Archery equipment has come a long way from the long bow to the recurve to the compound bows of today. The new high speed cross bows are very fast and deadly.

We will still have some hot and humid days, but we can look forward to the wonderful autumn weather. Leaves are already to starting fall but not much color change yet. Take the family and enjoy out of doors. Take plenty of pictures and send them to Papa Duck so we can all share these moments. They only come around once. Mother Nature will soon put on her blazing fall wardrobe and everybody loves her.

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