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Arkansas Activities Association offers update on plans

Arkansas Activities Association offers update on plans


AAA committed to playing high school sports in fall amid COVID- 19 crisis Hoping to see your Blue Devils, Patriots and Bulldogs back on the gridiron this fall? Well, the Arkansas Activities Association is with you in that regard.

Earlier this week, the AAA released an update on its COVID-19 concerns and how the golbal pandemic might impact playing high school sports in the fall.

“The Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) is preparing to resume activities and athletics this fall in accordance with the regular AAA calendar,” the organization, which oversees all school sports and club activities in the state, said in a statement.

“These preparations are contingent upon compliance with all directives as issued by the Governor’s office and the Department of Health.”

Multiple groups are working closely together to formulate a plan that will allow sports and other activities (such as Quiz Bowl, FBLA Conferences, Skills USA Competitions) to take place in the upcoming school year while adhering to CDC and other health and safety guidelines.

“In collaboration with the NFHS, AAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, Coach’s and Official’s Advisory Committees, and other affiliated activity committees, plans are being formulated to comply with all directives and safely return to participation,” said the release.

AAA officials hope that even if the pandemic impacts the school year that some sort of workaround will be possible for these activities.

“All states contiguous to Arkansas have indicated they are making similar plans to begin as scheduled this fall,” said the statement. “Plans are also being discussed at all levels in regard to adjustments to the calendar if necessary.”

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