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Warning! Fireworks are here (for a while longer)

Warning! Fireworks are here (for a while longer)


Marion resident fired up about fireworks complaints on social media Fireworks are pretty, but they’re also loud. Every year it seems, there’s a bit of a stir about them in the community. They’re legal in West Memphis (as long as you’re setting them off on the allowed dates and times), but they are illegal in the Marion city limits.

One Marion resident, tired of seeing her Facebook feed, offered a few words of advice to her neighbors.

“PSA: From now until about July 8 people are going to be shooting fireworks,” Stefanie Dostal posted on the Marion, Arkansas Residents page.

“If you live in the county, there is nothing you can do other than ask neighbors to be courteous about the times they are shooting them and hope they comply.

If you live in the city limits of Marion you have a couple of choices…” Those options, according to Dostal: 1. Same thing as I suggested for the county people.

2. Call the police and report them. (Probably daily because if they already spent their money they are still going to try to do them).

3. Go outside and enjoy watching them and celebrate the birthday of our country.

4. Buy earplugs.

5. Buy your pets thunder jackets, or call the vet and ask for anxiety meds for your pets.

6. Turn up some loud music or the television.

“I’ve already seen at least 7-8 posts tonight about fireworks, several in here,” she continued. “Posting in the group will not help you. No one in here has the authority to make them stop.”

The post drew dozens of responses from fellow Marion residents, who were on both sides of the pros/cons of fireworks celebrations.

Melissa Conners-Holliday, concerned about family pets getting rattled by the noise said, “I recommend Pet Ease. You can get it and it helps with thunder and fireworks.” She said the West Memphis Tractor Supply carries it.

Martha Mullins had her own solution.

“We just watched ‘Stranger Things’ with the volume up last year,” she said. “It worked out.”

One member of the group wondered if cats could take something for the anxiety of fireworks.

William Flowers Sr. said, “I don’t know about cats.

Never had a cat that was scared of anything.”

While shooting off fireworks in Marion is definitely against the city’s noise and safety ordinances, folks still fire them off up to and on the Fourth of Ju ly, which is Saturday.

David Harmon said, “As long as they are aiming them away from rooftops, I have no problem. But too many here in this area do not.”

April Greenwood noted the nuisance but also acknowledged it might not be worth raising a stink over… especially in a COVID-19 world.

“Remember,” she said, “it can be annoying but kids have been through a lot this year and need something to enjoy and celebrate. Please be understanding of our younger residents and kids.”

Clayton Sullivan said, “Yeah, but what about the parents who still work and reports in everyday and the fireworks keeps your 4 or 5 year old awake during the week?”

Amanda Driskill was on his side.

“Agree!” she said. “My husband has to get up at 3:40 a.m. to work and it’s quite annoying to be listening to fireworks at 10 p.m.

knowing they are waking him up. He also drives an hour to work and then has to work in the heat for 12 hours. I’m all for fireworks at a decent hour and on holidays but the inconsideration for neighbors sets me on fire.”

Pun, no doubt, intended.

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