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West Memphis police vehicle involved in crash

West Memphis police vehicle involved in crash


Multiple minor injurues in late- night collision A police-involved crash in front of the West Memphis Police Department just after midnight on Sunday sent everyone involved to the hospital.

The crash occurred around 12:20 a.m. A woman was transported to Region One Hospital and three children passengers sent by ambulance to Le Bonhuer.

Medical responders also transported the officer, whose name was not released, to Region One.

All five people were treated and released from the hospitals later in the morning.

Assistant Police Chief Robert Langston provided details of the crash and the reason the investigation had not yet concluded.

'It was at the intersection of Seventh Street and Broadway,' said Langston.

'The officer was headed east and the other driver turning south.'

The police provided two reasons the investigation remained ongoing Monday morning.

'There were conflicting statements that night and everyone involved had been transported, so the investigation is taking a little more time than usual,' said Langston. 'We'll be working on witness statements and video today.'

The department found themselves down another vehicle just half a week after city council approved the purchase of seven police vehicles and the repair of another.

The department secured a full grant for two Dodge Chargers for use by the joint task force. The grant funded 27,500 for each car including police package.

City council accepted the 100 percent grant authorizing the purchase of the two cars.

City council funded five new patrol Tahoe's costing about $65,000 each fully equipped during its last regular meeting in July.

The police department has rotated five highest mileage units out of the fleet each year and replaced them with new. The practice started under former Chief Donald Oakes and has continued during the first two years under Chief E.C.

West. This year the allotment came out of the newly created city capital purchase fund.

'The delivery date would be September,' said Langston to the police commission. 'Whether white is available is unknown. We may be looking at black or silver. We'd like to keep the patrol vehicles standard white.'

Another wrecked Tahoe needed $16,200 to put back in service. City council also approved money to finish those repairs.

The Tahoe driven by recently retired Police Captain Ken Mitchell also became available for the police fleet.

Asst. Police Chief Robert Langston

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