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East Arkansas Fishing Report


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Cook’s Lake — The AGFC’s Wil Hafner at Cook’s Lake Conservation Education Center (870-241-3373) says the lake is still not accessible, but “be sure to keep checking back in for when we reopen.

Surely by the reopening, the fish will be more than ready to bite!”

Wil reports having made a few trips recently to Peckerwood Lake in Arkansas County. “The bream are really starting to pick up and can be caught on redworms and crickets.

Bass are biting frogs and jigs. The bream should really lock on to beds in the coming weeks with the next full moon on June 5.”

Horseshoe Lake — Professional fishing guide Ronnie Tice (901-687-6800) said that fishing is “on fire” under the piers shooting the docks. Target 8-10 feet depth and you’ll get a good crappie bite, as well as some black bass.

Crappie are also in 7 feet depth in the lily pads, and he has found them on the beds of the trees where it is slower. You can also catch them trolling, but they aren’t very big, he said.

“The big ones are under the piers and docks.” Bream fishing is excellent. Ronnie has found them around cypress trees in the shallows in in the canals, biting worms or crickets. Black bass are good. Target the lily pads as well as the piers and docks. Catfishing is excellent. They are spawning in the shallows from 2-8 feet deep.

Dragging on the bottom of the shallow end of the lake will get a bite from catfish.

White River — Jim Harris, editor of the Fishing Report, found all manner of catfish biting live bait in oxbows off the river this past weekend. Channel cats, blues and the occasional flathead were biting black salties on trotlines in the shallows, and many were in spawning mode.

We returned a flathead fat with eggs back to the water. Gar were hungry as well, taking a few of our black salties. We tried fishing for crappie near brush in the sloughs and just off main channels but got no bites. The water was high throughout the area, with heavy current at times, and muddy.

Bear Creek Lake — Natalie Faughn, assistant superintendent at Mississippi River State Park (870-295-4040), says that Bear Creek Lake has had reportedly high bass activity. Anglers are catching with jigs – generally black or dark in color.

Anglers have also seen some bream activity fishing with live bait such as crickets from the bank and with more shallow water.

Meanwhile, Storm Creek Lake has also seen a rise in bass activity. Anglers are reporting activity on lighter colored jigs.

Crown Lake — Boxhound Marina (870-670-4496) reports that they were so busy in the shop, they did not even talk to an angler to get a report. A lot of people were fishing and they sold a lot of minnows.

The clarity is dingy and the lake is high by about 6 inches.

Lake Charles — Shelly Jeffrey at Lake Charles State Park (870-878-6595) said they had a great turnout of anglers, both men and women, on Memorial Day, with lots of fish caught. Water is still high and murky, and the surface temperature as of early Monday morning was 57 degrees. The best moon times for June will fall on June 18-24. She also notes that they have nightcrawlers for sale in the baitshop. “Stop in and see us,” Shelly said. Bream are good on worms, crickets and jigs. Crappie are good using minnows, jigs, worms and Crappie Magnets. Catfishing is good; use Catfish Pro blood bait. No reports on bass.

Lake Poinsett — The lake at Lake Poinsett State Park has been undergoing a renovation with plans to refill it later this year and for fishing to resume at levels far better than in recent years, thanks to improved fish habitat and new underwater structures.

The water control structure was also repaired.

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