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in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, was renamed Fitzsimons Army Hospital in 1920. The dedication read: “Through his sacrifice, William Fitzsimons wholly embodied the image of the selfless doctor and helped galvanize the nation against the atrocities of war.”

I grew up with these connection

doughboy grandfather fortunate enough to dodge a combat assignment in the atrocious war. I toyed with daydreams of open cockpit combat in the European skies. But the hundredyear- old war got horribly real for me when a I met Fitzsimons and his now long-gone comrades in Kansas City.

Though I never served in the armed forces and have never been on a battlefield, I've grown to value veteran service as I've encountered the atrocities of the war that did not “end all wars.” For this reason, I admire and respect all veterans.

It’s especially important to remember those that paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom.

Happy Memorial Day.

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