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Wheeless offers update on coronavirus crisis

Wheeless offers update on coronavirus crisis


State COVID- 19 case total tops 1,000 Crittenden County Judge Woody Wheeless has continued his efforts to keep county residents informed with the latest information about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“This afternoon during the governor’s daily press conference at 1:30 p.m. he gave an update on the total positive cases in the state,” said Wheeless. “The total number of positive cases stands at 1,023, and that's an increase of 77 from yesterday.”

Governor Asa Hutchinson reported that 68 of the state’s 75 counties now have at least one or more confirmed cases.

“Four weeks ago today, the state had its first positive case of coronavirus,” said Wheeless.

Some coronavirus numbers: • ADH lab positive test results — 229

Commercial Lab positive test results — 717

Cases broken down by age:

Children — 24 Adults 18-24 — 69 Adults 25-44 — 310 Adults 45-64 — 368 Adults over 65 — 252 The reports also compared in-state figures with neighboring states.

Tennessee cases — 4,138, with 72 deaths

Mississippi cases — 2,003, with 67 deaths

Arkansas cases — 1,023, with 18 deaths Of all positive cases in Arkansas, 31% were in patients who have or have had underlying health issues prior to testing positive.

In Crittenden County, numbers continue to rise as more test results are received. In the county, there have been 64 positive cases, up three since Thursday. Those numbers include more than a dozen confirmed cases at the Willowbend facility in Marion, including the first confirmed coronavirusrelated fatality in Crittenden County.

Wheeless also made note of a move made by the City of West Memphis to contain the virus.

“West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendon issued a Stay At Home Emergency Order,” said Wheeless.

“Everyone is to remain home at night from 9 p.m.

until 5 a.m. If you are an essential worker, this order does not apply to you. If not, please stay at home.”

Looking ahead, Wheeless shared more information from Governor Hutchinson. “According to the governor and the federal government, they believe the next week to 10 days to be our worst days,” said Wheeless. “Also, the Governor stated that by the end of the week the state will have 100,000 people unemployed.”

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, Wheeless urged caution and safety.

“Our State Health Secretary Nate Smith is encouraging church parking lot services as long as you stay in your vehicle,” he said. “If you get out of your vehicle, then he advised to practice social distancing. The federal prison in Forrest City has 24 inmates who have tested positive and five staff members. Those numbers are the same as yesterday but several more individuals are beginning to show signs and symptoms so more testing is being done.

As always, please continue to practice social distancing of at least six feet and washing your hands — and no groups larger than 10.

The Governor reminds us that if social distancing isn't possible is certain situations, he encourages the wearing of a mask.”

Wheeless closed with a word of encouragement, saying, “We are praying for the communities in our county, our state, the United States and the world. May God Bless You!”

“ According to the governor and the federal government, they believe the next week to 10 days to be our worst days,” Crittenden County Judge Woody Wheeless

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