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Woman facing multiple charges after firing gun

Woman facing multiple charges after firing gun


West Memphis resident arrested, claims she was testing weapon

Firing your gun to see if it works late at night in the middle of town isn’t a very wise decision, especially if you’re in possession of illegal marijuana.

Just ask a West Memphis woman who was arrested on multiple charges Saturday night who told police she fired her .40 caliber handgun to see if it functioned and to protect herself from her husband she said was coming to kill her.

Shereka N. Hall, 29, of, West Memphis, now faces multiple charges including carrying a weapon, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct as well as resisting arrest, refusal to submit to arrest/active or passive refusal.

According to Assistant Police Chief Robert Langston officers responded to shots being fired minutes before midnight Saturday, outside Apt. No.

22, at 303 North Rhodes St.

When officers arrived on the scene they were approached by several individuals saying that a silver 2012 Chevrolet Impala just left with its lights turned off. Langston said they told officers that was the vehicle the suspects were occupying.

As officers traveled North on North Rhodes Street they observed a vehicle fitting that description turn on its lights at the intersection of Roosevelt and Missouri Streets.

When officers initiated a felony traffic stop they approached the driver who said the passenger, later identified as Hall, was having issues with her husband and that he simply came to pick her up.

Langston said both occupants

exit the vehicle at which time they smelled the odor of marijuana. As officers began searching the vehicle they came upon a black .40 caliber Ruger handgun located under the driver’s seat.

Officers also located a 9 mm Ruger EC9S in Hall’s purple bag which she claimed was the handgun that she fired. Also located in the back seat was three plastic baggies containing marijuana and eight clear plastic baggies with marijuana residue and a digital scale.

Langston said Hall was repeatedly instructed to enter a patrol unit. After several commands to enter the patrol unit Hall was finally taken into custody and placed in the back of the patrol unit.

Hall was then transported to the Crittenden County Detention center where she once again became irate stating that officers were placing charges on her resulting in county jailers to intervene in an attempt to calm her down.

Hall also refused to answer any questions for the firearm questionnaire form. The driver of the vehicle was not charged in the incident, Langston said.

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