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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


Been seeing in the paper where Mr. Chuck Wheeles is trying to get homes, propertys and business’s to clean up their places. He needs to come to Crawfordsville and look around. He will find plenty of properties that need to be cleaned up. We used to have a clean town, where everything was kept clean.

Not no more. [Editor’s Note: Do people call him “Chuck”? If so, that’s pretty cute. You could have cartoon about the adventures of the young Wheeless brothers and call it “Chuck N Woody.” Why aren’t we funding this project? But for real, though, Mr. Wheeless is on the West Memphis City Council, so I’m afraid his purview does not include the City of Crawfordsville. However, I’m sure the good folks in that community could organize some sort of citywide cleanup initiative. It’s pretty surprising what a few motivated people can get done]

*** By the way, the adults need to take lessons from our young drivers. The 4 wheelers, golf carts and the atv have slowed down considerably. Maybe the law needs to crack down on speeders who drive so fast. Maybe we need speed bumps on our streets. If the young people can slow down, then adults take lessons. You are no better than our young people.

That same law applies to all of us… [Editor’s Note: You lost me at speed bumps. I get that there are a lot of idiots behind the wheel, but it has just become overkill with the stop signs and speed bumps.

There’s a cove in Marion (a cove!) that has not one but two speed bumps! And I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the stop signs are popping up faster than the dandelions in my back yard! Since you mentioned it, the four-wheelers, golf carts and ATVs have no place on city streets. It’s just a hazard and danger to both the four-wheeler, golf cart and ATV riders as it is to pedestrians and motorists]

*** This is regarding the background color used in the Arkansas State News section of the Evening Times. The color is so dark that neither my husband or myself can read this section. We are both 70 and I bet we are not the only ones with this problem.

[Editor’s Note: I’ll keep an eye on it. I assume you were referring to last week when we used a nice green background. It didn’t look that dark on the proof, but once I got the actual paper in my hand, I saw that it was a pretty bold shade of green]

*** The guy who wrote the full page letter to the editor about how banning Airbnb is bad for the city is the guy who was doing it. He should have said it was bad for him. My neighborhood doesn’t need a motel. [Editor’s Note: Yeah, I don’t think that was a secret or anything, since his name was in the story about the Marion AirBNB situation several times. I will say, I don’t know the guy, and the only conversation I’ve ever had with him was about him wanting to write a letter to the editor, and I have zero interest into turning my home into an AirBNB, but I happen to think he’s right. I will continue to use the same argument I have used when asked about this previously. If I want to rent a house that I own out (you know, like 30 percent of the houses in Marion), you can’t stop me. If I want to invite some people you don’t know to stay in my house (which happens every day in Marion), you can’t stop me. So, how does it make sense that if I want to rent my house out to some people you don’t know, you can stop me? It makes no sense. I will contend that Marion is missing out on potential revenue by not licensing and regulating AirBNB rentals just like it would any other homebased business]

*** To the editor. Thanks for telling the people where we are to vote in today’s paper for school tax.

[Editor’s Note: No problem. While I’m all for the millage, I want everyone on both sides of the issue to vote, because that’s how it works. Early voting is underway, so get out there and let your voice be heard]

*** I moved two blocks and my paper gets here five to six hours later than it did before I moved. For three years I was spoiled with CONSISTENT delivery.

[Editor’s Note: Sorry for the inconvenience. I wish I had a more satisfying answer for you. Our delivery drivers are independent contractors who deliver the papers on their schedule, usually working around another job or other duties here at the paper]

*** May I say thanks to Patricia Matthews on a great letter to the editor on May 8, I agree, no more taxes and instead of a special election it should be voted on in a general election in November. Everybody have a blessed day. [Editor’s Note: There is no general election in November this year. For years and years, the school elections were always held in Arkansas in September. In 2015, the Arkansas Legislature passed a new law, in the name of efficiency and increasing participation in school elections, to move them. Now schools must conduct their elections (which include millage votes) on either the day of the non-partisan and preferential primary elections (which are in May) or in the general election (which is in November). Since this is an “off year,” there are no elections scheduled for either day, so Marion chose to hold their school election in May and West Memphis chose to hold their school election in November. Since those are the designated election days in Arkansas, neither of those is a “special election.” The only special election scheduled this year so far is the one that was held on Tuesday to fill the vacant seat on the West Memphis City Council. Now, you might be asking yourself, why didn’t they have THAT election next week when they were already going to have to hire poll workers and fire up the voting machines for the school vote, and that’s a very good question]

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