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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


After reading the comments from Judge Wheeless and others about the proposed millage increase for Marion School District, I want to offer some words of wisdom and encouragement to the voters. Marion has really good schools and great facilities that have been attained with a paltry 40.7 mills. A 5 mill increase will surely translate to even better schools and facilities. It has been proven that more spending equals better schools, right? But why stop there? Go ahead and ask for 15 mills and you’ll be up there with Earle at the top of the state. And everyone knows about the quality schools, health care, fire and police protection that resulted from our last millage increase in Earle. People will surely flock to Marion to participate in the ensuing growth in property values and school achievements, resulting in a never-ending cycle of higher taxes, better schools, and amazing quality of life! Who knows? Future generations may have the opportunity to be the first in the nation to have triple-digit millage.

That would be better than multiple state championships! (Did I mention Earle?) So on Election Day let this be your motto: The Sky’s the Limit!

Go Patriots! [Editor’s Note: This is the most passive-aggressive text I’ve gotten in a while. I honestly can’t tell if you’re in favor of the millage or just being sarcastic. Or can I, and am I just being sarcastic? The one thing that keeps sticking out with me is that if we don’t invest in our schools, we simply have no one to blame when our community fails because we have the opportunity to take what amounts to a relatively small amount of money per taxpayer and make our schools not only “good” or even “great” but something that will stand out in the region and draw people here. I believe the saying is, “If you’re not growing, your dying.” And that goes for Marion, West Memphis and Earle]

*** The current millage of the Marion School District is high enough as far as people living in a shoe string of already high taxes. How can you predict what you might need in the future? We already have the best education system available. More and more doesn’t mean any better.

What’s important is our kids minds and good teachers. We have that! Go back 50 to 75 years ago and compare what you have now. You don’t have to drive a limousine to get an education and out do other districts and beat your chest and say “Aren’t we Special!” You have to prove to me where every dollar is going to and surplus that is usually unknown what it’s used for. Besides, it’s the tax payers money; period!

[Editor’s Note: The millage is “high enough” you say?

High enough for what? I’m not familiar with the phrase “living in a shoe string,” but that sounds just terrible.

One point I will make here is to your question, “How can you predict what you might need in the future?” It is the job of not only the superintendent and the school board to assess the needs of the school district and plan for the future, it would be foolish to not be making long-term projections and setting goals for the schools. I think I’ve made it very clear that I am 100 percent in on the millage hike. No, I don’t like paying taxes. Yes, I am a property owner in Marion. No, I don’t have a single child in the Marion School District. Yes, I understand that it is taxpayer money we’re talking about, and no, you don’t have the right to know where “every dollar is going.” We have all voted on and elected these people to make these decisions for us and to guide our children’s education. If you don’t like it, vote against it.

That’s your right. But if you can’t make the connection between improving our schools and improving our community, I can’t make it for you]

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