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exclusive red vinyl version that you could only get in their country store. Like I said, vinyl is back!


of Elementary Education, and the Assistant Superin- tendent of HR & Compli- ance.

“I would have people say they don’t know how I spent my time with sixth and seventh graders all day, but it was a joy to be in that building,” Dr. Catt said about her time as the principal at Marion Mid- dle School. “The team of teachers and the students that I had made it fun to go to work everyday. I didn’t even consider it work, I just told everyone I was

going to school.”

The thought of life after retirement made Catt nervous. However, she was quick to put her faith in God, no matter where the future takes her.

“I don’t have any hobbies, but I need to find some or I’ll get bored,” Catt said about the future. “I’ve thought about the future

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