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in to the clerk’s office at the proper time.

“There is nothing in the statute that says when the signatures need to be collected,” Rogers said. “They just need to be collected and be filed within that time frame.”

Crittenden County Election Commissioner Frank Barton concurs with Rogers.

“The actual recall election has to be in a general election, not a special election,” Barton said. “So that would be November. And the window for delivering the signatures is no less than 90 days, no more than 120 days before that election.”

Barton added that the November election would simply ask voters whether they are in favor of recalling the mayor. There would still need to be a special election after that to vote for a specific candidate for the office. “With a mayor-council form of government the law proscribes that you have to have it in the general election,” Barton said. “But you do have to hold another election after that.”

Wallace said she doesn’t understand what is going on with the petition, but suspects politics is playing a role in holding things up.

“I don’t know what the hold up is,” Wallace said. “Why would the county attorney need to see it? The county attorney has nothing to do with it.”

Wallace claims an employee in Brown’s office told her — in front of a witness — “you’re never going to get anywhere with that.”

She also said Jones used to brag about knowing Brown. “It was her (Jones) big mouth when she was on the council. She used to say ‘I bring everything to Paula. She and I are friends,’” Wallace said. Wallace said she asked Brown about whether she was friends with Jones and if it was interfering with her job performance.

“I did confront her about being friends with the mayor,” Wallace said. “But she (Brown) said ‘Oh I wouldn’t jeopardize my job.’ I don’t think she knows what she is doing. There is something going on over there. We won’t let up though. So that’s all right. I just want to do it right.”

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