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abandon the two- party system? Short answer?


When are the American people going to get tired enough of the party politics of the Democrats and Republicans and look for a real alternative to the twoparty system? [ Editor’s Note: What, like for real?

Are you seriously asking the question of when the American people will rise from their couches, tired of the tiresome tango between Democrats and Republicans, cast off the burden and limitations of petty party politics and

Probably never. There will be a two- party system of some kind in this country until Jesus comes back. Oh, for a political utopia where the skies are blue, politicians are selfless saints, and compromise flows like a pristine river. Alas, the reality is far less picturesque. The American people, like many others around the world, have been dancing this twoparty jig for centuries. It’s a tradition at this point.

First it was Federalists vs.

Anti- Federalists. Then, it was the Democratic-Republican vs. the Federalists. Then it was the Democrats vs. the Whigs. Then it was the Republicans vs. the Democrats, and that’s really where we are. The only thing that changed was that the Democrats used to be the conservatives and the Republicans used to be the liberals, up until around

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the early- to- mid 1900s. Now, don’t get me wrong, the desire for alternatives is understandable. The constant bickering, partisan gridlock, and pandering can make anyone want to throw their remote at the TV and declare, “ Enough is enough!” But here’s the thing: the two- party system, like a pair of annoying younger siblings, is just something we are going to have to put up with.

You see, the Democrats and Republicans have woven themselves into the very fabric of American politics. They’re like those old, worn- out slippers that you keep wearing because, well, they’re there. Breaking free from this “ duopoly” is no easy task. It requires a seismic shift in the political landscape, a Herculean effort to overcome the deeply entrenched interests and structures that perpetuate this system. Sure, there have been flashes of third- party hope over the years. In fact, both of the current parties in power started as third parties. The Democrats came around in 1804, and the Republicans were formed in 1852 Over the years, the Reform Party, the Greens, the Libertarians, and others have emerged with grand promises of political revolution, only to fade away like forgotten memes. There was even a Socialist Party on the ballot in the 1920s. It’s not for lack of trying, mind you.

But the harsh reality is that the two- party system is a behemoth, sucking up all the political oxygen, leaving little room for alternatives to thrive.

So, while your frustration is justified and shared by many, the road to political transfor-mation is paved with disillu-sionment and broken dreams.

But fear not, for change can happen, albeit at a glacial pace. But hey, who knows?

Maybe in the midst of this current political BS, a real alternative will emerge. A party that transcends the petty squabbles, embraces rational discourse, and genuinely represents the diverse voices of the American people. A “ purple” party, if you will. Until that day arrives, though, let’s embrace the snark, revel in the absurdity, and keep hoping that the political winds of change blow sooner rather than later. Well, that ended up being a lot longer than expected…]

*** I was reading about how the city doesn’t want any more mobile homes in the city. The problem is not trailers it’s thefact that rent is too high for a decent apartment and there are no good houses to rent anywhere in the city. There’s nothing wrong with mobile homes, trailers or modular homes or whatever you want to call them that’s just people being judgmenttal and stuck-up. You’re not better than anyone because you live in a big house and you are NOT “trailer trash” just because you live in a mobile home and SHAME on the city council for this idea! [ Editor’s Note: Hey, I lived in a trailer for five years. Except for having to run over to the in- laws when a tornado warning came around, it was just fine. The monthly payment was very reasonable and while ours was just a single- wide with nothing fancy, it was a great starter home. Nowadays, mobile homes can be totally tricked out and fancy. But if we’re being completely honest, there are some rundown trailer parks in town that really do need to be cleaned up]

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