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Keep track of your packages people. The Porch Pirates are out at it again this Christmas. Luckily I am at home during the day but I have seen some suspicious people out walking the streets in my neighborhood. If you ar getting packages delivered do the tracking and if you see someone who doesn’t belong call the police!

[ Editor’s Note: While I do hate a thief, I can’t 100% get on board with the “ suspicious people” idea. For example, as part of my new “ healthier living” approach to life, I’ve dedicated myself to going walking every day. Sometimes, that means not being able to go until like 9 or 10 p. m.

And since the weather has turned colder and the days are getting shorter, that can mean hoofing through my neighborhood in the dark in a hoodie or jacket and cap, and I know I look pretty suspicious, so I won’t de surprised if sometime soon I get stopped by your frienfly neighborhood police patrol. I assure you I’m just trying to get my steps in and play some Pokemon. Your Amazon deliveries are safe… at

*** As predicted, the World Cup from Qatar has been nothing short of a disaster and black eye for the soccer community as a whole.

How on earth did such a despotic nation get the opportunity to host such a supposedly prestigious event on the world stage? I think I already know the answer. What’s next? Is North Korea going to host the Olympics? [ Editor’s Note: If the answer to your own question was “ money” then ding, ding ding! You win! And in case you didn’t know, the answer to your other question about North Korea is “ If the price is right!”]

[ Editor’s Note: Do you really want us to do a story on an alleged suicide? Where is our journalistic integrity? It’s in my top right desk drawer nex to my human decency. I’d have to have a pretty good reason to run a story like that, like at the family’s request hoping it might help others or something]

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