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Political risks must start locally


Political risk is a risk faced by everyone involved in politics, corporations, and the government that makes political decisions, or policies affecting the people that need this system. Being a political risk taker can greatly affect the world’s ability to function effectively.

The main reason for political risk is the growth of new political parties or an existing party gaining more power. Common known risks are conflict risks such as social issues, corruption, political instability, party switching, and trusting the system. How can voters avoid, reduce, or accept political risk?

Any risk will cause somebody some harm. either emotionally, physically, or financially. What do you consider a political risk situation? Is it the loss that matters or the gain that matters to you? Did you know that some political risk factors are any change in the ruling party that results in a significant political and economic change in the country. Also, local residents that are not engaged with their local officials or community leaders are increasing the risk of losing control of getting changes made for their communities.

The lack of connections with cultural diversity in terms of language, race, and religion and its acceptance among the people of the nation. This affects the ability to keep or establish relationships between different countries too.

Political risk takers are always looking for opportunities in political power that can impact the political atmosphere. This will help them to prepare in advance for changes in the political environment in hopes of helping them create a strategy to alter the ways of controlling the upcoming situation in the country. Political risk is also having uncertainty and instability within the government system or political

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‘A Political View’ By Sherry Holliman SHERRY HOLLIMAN (cont.)

institutions. These risks can lead to a drastic change in policies and regulations that govern the businesses in the country.

It can lead to division, and negative communications among political parties.

Although these decision makers often overlook how important and critical it is to maintain a professional, transparent relationship for the good of the country to provide a stable political environment to retain and attract more involvement to the economy and the government system.

Realistically there is no way to avoid political risks. There will always be political differences and future political uncertainty.

Some political risk involves government primarily acts of regulating and facilitating issues related to the environment, employment, health & safety, consumers and voters rights. Some people believe that the government involvement of any kind or any level is one of the major sources of political risk as it will at some point result in a negative impact on the economy. One alternative to reducing political risk is to start “local” with your political organizations.

This process will show regional, state, and national government parties that people are watching, and involved in their actions as leaders and policy making decisions. That they will hold them accountable and expect transparency.

Understanding political risk, it is very important to understand the underlying risks because this will help the political risk taker decide whether the risks are worth taking or not.

A political risk taker’s main objective is to keep or maintain control of the use of power. Their opportunity to have power is their motivation for taking risks. Do you realize as a voter you are a risk taker. You have the power to choose an elected leader to be your voice for your issues that are important to you! Keep your power by using your voice to make a choice!

Sherry Holliman is a concerned citizen of Crittenden County and has some views on a variety of topics that she wants to share with her neighbors. She serves on the Marion City Council.

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