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I drove past a crazy ….


I drove past a crazy long line today on Highway 77.

Turns out it was a food giveaway. Well, I understand that there are people in need but some of those people were driving what looked like pretty new cars and big expensive SUVs. Is there some kind of limit to how much money you can make and still get free food? If not, how does one go about getting some of those handouts? Asking for a friend. [ Editor’s Note: The line you saw was for the Hope House & Memphis Food Bank’s food distribution. Usually, they do it once every two months, but this was a “ bonus” distribution, from what I assume was a surplus. We used to put it in the paper all the time, but for whatever reason, they stopped sending us notices. Since you asked, there is indeed a application and qualifying process, which is largely based on household size and income, although I don’t know the specific cutoff. I hear the kind of stuff you’re saying all the time when it comes to any kind of “ free” food or utility assistance or rent assistance or whatever, and I guess the idea is that if you are getting any sort of help from the government or from a nonprofit, you need to “ look” poor? I try not to pass judgment on that kind of thing. Maybe they have to have reliable transportation to get to work and it doesn’t leave much for food or something? I’m just glad hungry folks get to eat…]

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