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Women: Their Rights and Their Vote


It is time to get very serious about human rights and in particular women rights! Who is exactly entitled to rights? The people making the laws or the people that are using or not using the rights. In other words, should a group or individual be able to create a law that is beneficial to political party power players?

Roe vs Wade is not just about a case, it is about power. Regardless about how you feel about what a person does with their body, the constitution serves as the foundation for citizens to have the “right to privacy.”

This case may have started with women fighting to be able to make personal medical choices but ended with political interest to systematically rip women choices away. Seems like yesterday that the United States Congress granted women the right to vote in 1920. With having voting rights now, how many women actually vote?

How many women often have conversations with their elected officials to share dialogue about sensitive issues? As a woman do you know your vote will give power, prevent the right person from doing the right thing or allow the wrong person to be elected? Have you asked yourself the hard question of “have I failed myself by not knowing about the politics of this elected politician?

To this day a century later, barriers are still being created in the way of preventing equality between the sexes. What laws are restricting men from performing changes to their bodies? In every country, everyday around the world women face multiple barriers and gender-based discrimination.

The discrimination sets in early for them regarding educational opportunities and in both private and public sections, women face multiple barriers such as occupational

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segregation, lack of access to capital, financial resources and technology, as well as increased rate violence acts due to cultural mindsets and stereotypes. These obstacles make it harder for women to get on an equal footing in the world. In addition to the legal barriers that further enforces gender inequalities.

With these barriers that are continuing women’s rights are being restricted for her to make her own choices.

Everyday these multiple and complex struggles become more obvious and removing them will require a comprehensive approach to address the systemic inequalities faced by women. All governments have a responsibility to address and seek solutions to break these systemic barriers to enforce women’s rights. The government must work directly with women of all identities to support their rights of their body. Women need the government officials in decision making positions to support their decisions about their body and offer resources to protect women particularly aging women and women with disabilities who are increasingly vulnerable to systematic violations of their choices and rights.

More women must become involved in politics across the world, because the cultural attitudes about gender needs will always continue to be a factor of laws being changed or made. It is believed that in the United States only one woman seeks election for every 30 elected positions available at a national, state or local level. This is another systematic barrier. Without a diverse group sitting at every meeting table the systematic barriers will affect the outcome.

Effective communication between the sexes is necessary because each gender can bring different viewpoints to gain knowledge about the topic of interest.

Without diversity there will always be a lack of understanding. Without understanding, wrong decisions are destined to be made. It is obvious more women are needed in leading political decision making roles to express clarification and address the impact of any changes regarding her body.

Women can offer more structure to organizations and address the needs of others better. In comparison to her male counterparts that uses emotional barriers that may make effective communication difficult. Current data will support that there are more men lawmakers than women thus allowing them to make decisions and change laws concerning your body. Do you believe that men should be making decisions about women's body choices? If you do not vote as a woman you are continuing to allow men to make decisions, change, or create laws concerning women's rights.

Which is simply not being a realist to the actual life experiences of women. In the future during election time support more women that are seeking elected positions. Now is the time to take control of women

Sherry Holliman is a concerned citizen of Crittenden County and has some views on a variety of topics that she wants to share with her neighbors. She serves on the Marion City Council.

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