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This community needs something for kids to do this summer so they won’t be out roaming the streets getting into trouble.


[ Editor’s Note: I’m all for summer activities for children, but it’s not the lawless wasteland you might think it is. I know you’re probably not going to believe this, but according to the most reliable data, juvenile crime actually decreases in the summer in most places. In fact, juvenile

dropped significantly in the past decade. Having said that, I know the Boys & Girls Club and the J. W.

Rich Girls Club have summer programs ready to go and the City of West Memphis has its summer jobs program coming back this summer. And to be fair, “ roaming the streets” isn’t in and of itself necessarily a bad thing. If you’re too young to drive and you don’t have a bicycle, how else are you supposed to get to your friend’s house if your parents are at work?]

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