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The Rest of the Story


Do you recall the radio broadcast in former days of the radio commentator, Paul Harvey, and his “The Rest of the Story?”

Well, I'd like to present an installment of “The Rest of the Story” about the so-called “Infrastructure” bill just passed in Congress.

First, it's a gross exaggeration to call it an “Infrastructure” bill.

It should be called, “The 1.2 trillion “Boondoggle” bill.

Briefly, it comes down to this: #1-First, there's the outright fraud and graft: Take the 21 billion for “clean up mine land and gas wells.”

It's a fraud.

It's code for “Shut down every gas line and coal provider in sight.” Take the Line-5 pipeline in Michigan right now that the Biden Administration is considering shutting down. Don't mind that it will cause massive price spikes across the country, and shows no regard whatsoever for the upcoming winter needs for gas which will place a hardship on families who will be put in the position of an unwanted and potentially dangerous choice-between buying food or heating fuel for their survival.

'Cause the Dems want to “clean it up.”


In case you didn't get the memo, what they real-ly want to do is to kill our energy sector… like, DEAD! That's what “Clean Up” means to the Left.

Next, there's the 7.5 billion set aside for hundreds of thousands of electrical charge stations across the country for non-existent electrical vehicles.

A…N…D…5 billion MORE for electric buses.

I read that Nancy Pelosi's husband bought

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‘Wordaholic’ By Robert L. Hall ROBERT HALL (cont.)

Here's the bottom line: “Earlier this year, Paul Pelosi purchased up to $1 million of long-dated Tesla call options.”

Didn't Martha Stewart go to prison for that? I think it's called “Inside Trading.” Mega-donors and politicians across the spectrum of Washington insiders are all heavily invested in electric vehicles. Gee, wonder why?

For example, another grafter on the government payroll: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. She's not clean either. Maybe someone ought to “clean

In an article by G.

McConway, June 4, 2021:

“ There is a little- known tax loophole that will be exploited by Biden Cabinet members that will collectively keep millions in their bank accounts.

“ Section 2634 of the federal election law has a provision that will enable Cabinet members to avoid huge tax penalties for selling off certain assets to join the Biden the administration. Everyone has to pay their fair share… unless you are a member of a presidential cabinet.

“ Granholm is far from the only Cabinet member who filed for certificates of divestiture.

“ Granholm's case is the most interesting of all because she sold AFTER the Biden visit ( to a company she held stocks in) so the amount of money she saved by selling her Proterra stock ( an electric bus outfit) after the fact could literally be millions.

“ The gain on this depends on when these individuals initially made the purchase, obviously, but in the case of Granholm, we can safely assume she is making out like a thief in the night.”

But, we're supposed to think nothing of it.

Remember the Official Motto of the Democrats:

“ Rules for Thee, NOT for Me!”

#2-Then there are the Liberal Looney-Tune provisions, as reported by The Christian Post: First thing you need to know-Multi billions are going for Green New Deal, Internet and equity provisions which are

infrastructure-no way, no how.

Then, there's this little nugget:

“ The Infrastructure Bill includes The Digital Equity Act also includes a nondiscrimination provision proclaiming that “ no individual in the United States may, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity that is funded in whole or in part with funds made available to carry out this title.”

In short, even if people “perceive” (and actually are not) a protected class, they will be given special treatment over normal people. And what's it doing in a so-called “Infrastructure” bill? Your guess is as good as mine.

But wait! It gets better.

Marijuana detectors and breathalyzers are coming to your next new car. At least, according to the provisions of this pretend infrastructure bill. And if you don't pass the sobriety threshold when you blow into the breathalyzer or bleed into your car's test strips, then what?

The federal government locks up your car perhaps?

…and you go nowhere, without their permission.

Say goodbye to your rights! For, what is the reason to include it into legislation without the insidious intent behind it to use it? Think about it.

#3-And there's this (as if you needed another reason to hate it down to the ground?): Over half the bill…there's no money to pay for it.

I'll let Dave Ramsey, the financial guru, take it from here. From his website:

Ramseysolutions. com:

“Basically, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill includes everything and the kitchen sink.

“The two senators who led the negotiations for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan say that it comes with $519 billion of

— which means they actually have a plan to pay for about half of the cost.

“…So, where's the rest of the funding coming from?

Well . . . no one seems to


know. President Biden has suggested some of it will be paid for by taxing some of the largest corporations (including 55 companies who “didn't pay a single penny in federal income tax¬”) and households earning more than $400,000 a year.

“About 25% of small businesses (defined by the census as fewer than 500 employees) would be at risk of getting slapped with Biden's corporate tax-rate hike. If …corporate executives think the tax-rate increase is too much, they might take their business elsewhere-like to a different country. That could mean fewer jobs or even pay cuts for the average American worker.

According to a recent study, President Biden's plan to increase corporate taxes will lead to higher taxes for lower- and middle- income taxpayers within the next 10 years. Yikes. “ About 107.8 million taxpayers have some ownership (stocks, bonds, IRAs, etc.) in U.S. corporations, and if they're getting hit with taxes, it could trickle into those retirement investment accounts.

“Experts have predicted that the Social Security fund will be empty by 2035, but a recent study says that all the extra government spending from the pandemic could have it running out by 2034. And that study doesn't even factor this new infrastructure bill into the equation.


His word — not mine.

Mine, you can't print in a family newspaper.

Just sayin.’

Robert L. Hall is a resident of Marion and has a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree from Florida State University.

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