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[ Editor’s Note: Well, this is about the worst thing I’ve read all week. What is wrong with people?]


I was at the cemetery over the weekend to visit my baby’s grave and found that someone had totally removed her locket picture from her tombstone. What kind of person does that.

Do they not realize that as a parent I wanted her little picture there so others could see what a beautiful baby she was. I had a locket type picture which had a cover over the actual picture so no one would bust the picture up, never thinking someone would steal the entire thing. Why, why would someone do that? I know I’m not the only one who has had vandals tear up or destroy their loved ones gravestone, but I wanted to put it out to one and all who have loved ones in the cemetery that you need to keep an eye on their stones because it is evident that no one else is watching out. My heart is just so hurt. Parents, talk to your children – explain respect of others and others property. Please.

*** Liberals championed free speech. They fought on numerous occasions and won our right to say what we want in public. It’s an odd turn of events that they would end up political bedfellows with Marxists who want to reverse that effort.

Odd turn of events, indeed.

[ Editor’s Note: One of the “ watch words” that are taught in journalism is for people who write with an agenda is “ Marxist,” so forgive me if I can’t take this seriously. The cool thing about free speech is that you can say pretty much whatever you want and the government can’t stop you, arrest you or limit your rights. The funny thing is that so many people think that applies to private companies, businesses and even individuals. The right to free speech does not mean you can say whatever you want and there are no consequences, as much as you would apparently like it to.

The next time you find yourself saying something that you think is an example of you taking advantage of your right to “ free speech,” stop for a moment and ask yourself, “ Who is my audience? Is what I’m saying worth saying?

Would I say this in front of someone I respect? If you have trouble answering any of those questions, maybe exercise another right you have… the right to remain silent]


I have heard about the break ins with the cars in Marion again. People lock up your vehicles! [ Editor’s Note: I’ll go a step farther.

Just take anything of value that’s in your car or truck inside with you when you get out. Don’t risk it]

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