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Student wounded in gunfire

East Junior High teen in stable condition

East Junior High teen in stable condition


East Junior High teen in stable condition


An East Junior High student was shot and injured on the walk home from school last Friday.

The incident occurred off Broadway and near the 500 block North 14th Street. West Memphis Communication Director Nick Coulter confirmed that a juvenile was shot and transported to Le Bonhuer Children’s Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

As of press time, doctors had not allowed police to interview the 14-year-old recovering from surgery to extract the bullet due to heightened COVID-19 protocols at the hospital. Recovery of the wounded boy was expected by mid-week.

Police reviewed SkyCop video in the area and have developed a possible scenario of the incident. Patrol officers were seen staging along East Broadway and near the school on Monday, a deliberate display of stepped-up vigilance in the community.

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