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them to allow women


With the Taliban taking over in Afghanistan there are a number of concerns in relation to the rights and roles of women. Will they still have access to a full education, freedom of movement, the right to work and the right to speak out?

What can be done to convince

full and equal rights?

Medical and food supplies should not be restricted nor should any humanitarian support. One area that could be restricted is access to international sports competition especially as women might not be able to play any sports.

Perhaps this will be an unnecessary step, but history suggests that within a short time, once the evacuation and exit have been forgotten so will women’s rights. [ Editor’s Note: While I too am concerned about the fate of women under the rule of the Taliban, I don’t think threatening Afghanistan with a ban from the Olympics or whatever is much of a deterrent to get

*** I thought the world had gone crazy when Trump was elected as president but now, I know the world is crazy and I don’t think everyone is playing with a full deck of cards.

Hopefully the Martians will abduct me and bring me back in a few years when the world gets rid of the COVID pandemic and returns to normal. [ Editor’s Note: Not sure why we’re still worrying about Trump, but I’ll agree with you that the world is full of people who, as my Mom might put it, the cheese fell of their cracker a long time ago.

Your Martian abduction plea got me to thinking… can you imagine if someone had been abducted by aliens back in, say, 2015, and then they suddenly were returned to Earth and plopped down here in the middle of 2021? They would no doubt believe they had been brought back to an alternate universe and probably try to get back on the Mothership]

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