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ASU Mid-South now offering slate of short-term classes


Community college launches 9- week courses for most requested classes Everyone knows the value of a college education, but for many, there are obstacles to persuing their degree.

One of the biggest barriers is time. College classes usually require a monthslong commitment to complete a single course.

But now, ASU Mid-South is making a change to how it offers some of its most in-demand courses through a new short-term course of study.

“On Your Terms” is the banner for a slate of nineweek accelerated classes that will allow students to earn college credit in roughly half the time of a regular class.

“You asked for convenience and we heard you,” read an announcement signalling the new program.

“You can choose from some of the most indemand short-term classes to fit your schedule and get you where you need to be by the end of the semester.

For even more flexibility, a number of these will be online classes.”

Yes, from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere you have access to a computer, students can choose from a wide variety of courses through ASU Mid-South (the cost is the same as a full-length

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course, as is the number of college credits earned).

Courses are offered in Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Applications, College Success, Developmental English, Developmental Math, Economics, English, History, Math, Medical Programs and Psychology. Registration is already open for students to enroll for the first short-term Fall 2021 semester, which runs from Oct. 11 through Dec.

6 (a new short-term semester will begin in January.

Need help getting started?

Have additional questions?

Contact ASU Mid-South Enrollment Services at (870) 733-6728, or inquire via email at

Arkansas State University Mid- South is a public twoyear institution of higher education with an opendoor admission policy, serving Crittenden County, Arkansas and the surrounding areas. The College is committed to enriching lives through high quality educational programming that fosters student success, workforce development, and lifelong learning.

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