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Has there ever been a ….


Has there ever been a more shameless grab for attention and popularity with voters than Joe Biden’s $1,400 stumulus checks?

When’s the next round of “FREE” money going to come out and why am I being punished for making too much money? Where’s my stimulus check?

[ Editor’s Note: Are you being for real? No, seriously… how is Biden’s stimulus a blatant “ grab” for anything but the two stimulus checks sent out by Trump were not? What about the two rounds of stimulus checks sent out back when George W. Bush was president? Your line of thinking is just bizarre. As four you feeling left out because you aren’t getting any of this stimulus money, the income cut off for receiving stimulus payments is $ 75,000 for an individual and $ 150,000 for a couple. Buddy, if you’re making that kind of money and have kept your job over the last year or so, count your blessings and get over yourself. There are literally people starving, getting sick, and dying all across the country. What are you really complaining about here?]

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