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Beyond the ‘Blahblah- blah’


To get to the truth, you have to get beyond the story-lines of the mainstream media. “Save a tree, watch T.V.,” is not a mantra that I subscribe to.

Recently, I am finding a wealth of knowledge in the salons that are available to us all on the internet and books. What I try to do (am sometimes succeed in doing) is to cross-reference sources to discover the tree of knowledge available to any who earnestly seek it.

And you will never get to that if your source for news of the day is a television hit-man for the left who asks question like this of a Washington politician: “Well, what do you support-EITHER the gun grab bill, the trillion dollar infrastructure bill of our alleged president — Joe Biden, the invasion of our border by hordes of unwashed masses and criminals, OR killing the filibuster in the U.S.


That's called a 'false dichotomy' or false choice.

It's also called choosing between two bad options.

And, unfortunately, that is all that is coming out of our compromised media these days. Best exemplified by the likes of Lester Holt from NBC, who recently was quoted as saying, “ Fairness is overrated.”


And there you have it, as the English would say.

There's a saying that covers this…(as if you didn't know that I was going to allude to one?) It is an old French proverb that goes like this:

“ The usual choice is not between the good and the bad but between the bad and the worse.”

Which explains why all 'usual choices' we hear lately from our politicians and their

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By Robert L. Hall ROBERT HALL (cont.)

willful toadies in the media, Big Tech, and corporate elites are only bad choices at the present time.

Take Major League Baseball this week in action, according to the Leftist Media's latest 'snooze cycle.' MLB executives browbeat officials and whined about Georgia's election laws which are calling for voting integrity, yet moved their All Star Games for 2021, to the state of Colorado, which has

Way to go, MLB!

Sound the Bell of Hypocrisy, loud and clear!

This is why people in sports

should to be asked to use their brains in order to make any decisions- particularly when they involve other people.

For, according to the New York Post: “ All voters who vote at the polls must provide identifi-cation,”

Secretary of State's website says. “ If you are voting by mail for the first time, you may also need to provide a photocopy of your identifi-cation when you return your mail ballot.”

“ Colorado is also more restrictive when it comes to early voting – polling stations must open 15 days before the election through Election Day, excluding Sundays, according to Ballotpedia.”

Which is all a surprise to….absolutely

But, if you need a second opinion, you can always ask some empty-headed, talking-up, Hollywood, California super-rich glitter girl what


(See again the above-referenced 'false dichotomy' if you think

is a good idea.) Now, let me take just a minute to introduce someone who has encapsulated the whole 'Woke' crowd misrepresentation to-date.

I came across his name as a comedian who started a Twitter account in the personage of Titania McGrath, a fictional figure who he created out of whole cloth.

This hyper-woke crazy rants leftist impossibilities on a real Twitter accountoutrageously makes charges racism and the like, complete devoid of selfawareness, clearly out of her mind, while frothingat- the mouth.

So, in order to mock and satirize such behavior, comedian, Andrew Doyle, created her and gave her a Twitter account voice. And here's why, as he recently revealed on Spiked- On-Line

in an article, Why I invented Titania McGrath: “ She's a kind of recognizable figure. I decided to set up a satirical account on Twitter under the guise of radical intersectionalist poet Titania McGrath.

She's a po- faced young activist who, in spite of her immense privilege, is convinced that she is oppressed… Given that such individuals are seemingly impervious to reason, and would rather cry ' bigot' than engage in serious debate, satire seemed to be the only option.

“ We are in this position because identity politics in its current form is a collectivist ideology. It does not value an individual for the content of his or her character, but instead makes prejudicial assessments on the basis of race, gender and sexuality.”

Mr. Doyle nailed it.

So, when 60 Minutes this very week, came out with totally unverified and untrue charge of corruption and racism about Florida Republican Governor-Ron DeSantis in this case-and you find out the exact opposite is true?

Again, Big Surprise! To like… NO ONE! Consider the source.

And forget the Bla-bla-bla.

Robert L. Hall is a resident of Marion and has a Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Memphis and a Master’s Degree from Florida State University. He is the pianist for Avondale Baptist Church and a writer of fiction on Amazon eBooks.

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