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I fear we are getting ….


I fear we are getting closer to a time, when we will find out if our elected and appointed officials, will be required to openly declare, either by word or action, if they will uphold their solemn oath of office, to “protect and defend the constitution”, or “follow orders”. Unconstitutional orders/laws/actions will likely be hidden deep into huge popular bills because they know they can’t stand alone on their own merit.

Please remember, if one preexisting, constitutionally guaranteed right is at risk, they are all at risk.

Dictators rarely come to power all at once and by “taking” power, but by the incremental voluntary giving up of rights, usually under the guise of “safety”. Beware. Beware when someone seeking power promises to use that increased power to keep you “safe”. [ Editor’s Note: Part of me wants to simply dismiss your concerns as “ fear mongering,” but there’s also a part of me that understands that we might be on a bit of a slippery slope here. You mention “ the incremental voluntary giving up of rights,” and I think that’s at least partially true. But I also think it’s partially necessary. If that sounds scary, let’s first understand that we already give up a pretty long slate of personal liberties by living in a society.

I have to do things a certain way and not do some things I might want to do and in return I get the relative safety of living in a city, state, nation, whatever where I’m otherwise free to do as I like. And we’ve had to make some people give up their personal rights and we’ve had to make laws to make sure other people had access to their personal rights. Remember, it was laws that ended slavery, gave women the right to vote, protected the rights of children, forced industries to adopt safety standards, put life- saving measures in place on all sorts of behaviors that are at their core, limiting our freedoms. That’s how we make it work. Have you ever looked at the writing etched into the masonry at the top of the Crittenden County Courthouse? It says “ Obedience to the Law is Liberty” — an almost, but not quite, biblical edict that reminds us that ultimately, we are all in this together to help each of us have access to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness]

*** How long before we can no longer even use words like “manhole” or “manhood” or “chairman”? It’s getting ridiculous just some “MAN” thinks HE is a SHE??? [ Editor’s Note: OK, so what, exactly is it that you’re worried about?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not really grasping some of the transgender, non- binary concepts. I’m all for “ you be you” and all that, but I can neither fully get behind or be outraged by any of it ( and I think those are the only two options we have).

However, you do sound like one of those folks who seem to think this is all some big scam being orchestrated by perverts who want to be able to be in the same restroom while women pee. Ladies, no one wants to see or hear you pee! Men, no one wants to see or hear your mom/ wife/ daughter pee.

That’s not what this is about!!! I mean, if you want to oppose or denounce the trans movemen ( and I honestly don’t know why you would care) at least put some thought into it other than the whole bathroom argument…]

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