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A Valentine’s Day snow rescue

Deputies make heartwarming effort to get stranded couple back on the road

Deputies make heartwarming effort to get stranded couple back on the road


Deputies make heartwarming effort to get stranded couple back on the road


It has been said that “Love” is a verb with a todo service item attached. And in the dark hours of of an icy and frigid cold Valentine’s Day morning, two Crittenden County Sheriff’s Deputies did their duty, and then some, serving stranded motorists on Interstate 40.

A couple from Georgia, headed for home, ran out of gas in their rental car west of the Lehi crossing.

“We sat there for two hours dealing with the rental car company about roadside help,” said Adam Cornelsion of Atlanta. “They couldn’t figure out what to do for us. I hung up the phone and my wife and I just started to pray for help.”

Some motorists saw the stranded couple.

“A few people saw us and started to pull over,” said Cornelison. “We could hear their tires on the rumble strip. But they all decided to pass us by.”

The couple began to pray and dialed 911. A short time later two Crittenden County Sheriff’s Deputies worked together to help the couple.

Deputy Jonathon Cody picked the couple up and began the hunt for an open gas station and a gas can. Deputy Chad Rash stayed with the vehicle, lights on to avoid a collision with the stranded Chevy Spark on the side of Interstate 40.

“The gas stations at LehiI said they were 24 hours, but they were closed because of the bad weather,” said Cornelison. “Deputy Cody drove us all the way to the Flash Market on Missouri Street in West Memphis to get gas. They were open but had no gas can in stock.”

That’s when Cornelison was grateful the deputy went way above and beyond for help.

“He told me not to worry, that he had a gas can at his house,” said Cornelison. “They were an answer to our desperate prayer on a roadside where we didn’t really know where we were. We finally called 911 and got these to wonderful deputies helping us.”

A short time later they stranded couple had gas and headed back to refuel the vehicle with Deputy Cody.

“I am so grateful for these men,” said Cornelison. “They might say they were just doing their duty, but

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they really showed a heart for helping this Valentine’s Day morning.”

Sheriff Mike Allen was glad to hear the good report.

“They are good deputies,” said Allen. “We have a lot of good deputies that stay with us, and I don’t know why, with salaries so competitive for officers. We have good supervision and high morale right now. I am grateful for all our deputies and am glad to hear about these two helping the couple out on Valentine’s morning.”

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