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Well, Rick Crawford, no thanks ….


Well, Rick Crawford, no thanks to you, Donald Trump and the rest of his enablers, the United States is not a third-world country where mob-rule is the norm, yet.

However, the big lie continues to be pushed by Trump, you, Fox, NewsMax, OANN, Limbaugh and the rest of his enablers. The election is over, Trump lost. The ballots have been counted, recounted, audited and certified. Over 60 legal challenges have been filed and none of them were found to have merit. Why? Because whenever it came time to show proof of voting irregularities, there was none to be shown. All the time, Trump continues to lie, and his enablers, you included, continue backing him. Last Wednesday, he incited a mob that he invited to Washington to invade the U.S. Capitol with the goal of somehow stopping the Electoral College count and giving the election to him.

The only way that could happen would mean the complete abandonment of the democratic system in the United States. After the riot had been quelled, you continued to support Trump's baseless claims and opposed certification of the Electoral College.

The reason you offered afterwards was pathetic. It seems you would rather America fall into complete chaos than to incur Trump's ire. Apparently, the same groups that invaded the Capitol last Wednesday are now planning armed demonstrations at each of the state capitals this coming weekend and while Biden's inauguration is being held. What I haven't heard is anything from the Republican Party that it is interested in reducing the tension. British statesman Edmund Burke wrote, 'Your representative owes you not his industry only, but judgement; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.' It seems to me that it is time for you to stop being a politician and uphold your oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

[ Editor’s Note: I can’t agree with you more. Of all of Arkansas’ six Congressional delegates, Crawford was the only one to buy into Trump’s madness, and that includes ultra- conservative Senator Tom Cotton. Crawford is also one of the most inactive congressmen in all of the House. Someone please run against him in 2022, I don’t really care who…]

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