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Special election set to replace Pulliaum

West Memphis to get new councilman in April 13 vote

West Memphis to get new councilman in April 13 vote


West Memphis to get new councilman in April 13 vote


West Memphis City Council set a special election to fill the Ward 2 council position vacated by James Pulliaum. Pulliaum won election as city clerk leaving a two year balance to be served on his four year term. The action came during as the first order of business for the new year during the January 7 city council meeting.

Mayor Marco McClendon lobbied city council for an election rather than a replacement appointment.

“I always think it best to have the people decide who to represent them,” said McClen don. “I’ve already heard from interested candidates.”

City council members expressed desires to hold the election as soon as possible. Ward representative’s passed a resolution allowing for an April 13 election to fill the Ward 2, Position 1 seat. City council passed the election ordinance on an emergency clause to expedite the ward 2 vote.

City attorney Mike Stephenson pointed out key

See ELECTION, page A3


From page A1

dates for interested candidates to consider. The resolution set the election as winner-take-all with no provision for a runoff election should three or more candidates run for the of_ce.

“I tried to make the deadline timeframes as close to those for general elections as I could,” said Stephenson. “To meet these deadlines it must be read out three times and passed with the emergency clause today.”

Candidates for the non-partisan election must present notices of candidacy, political practice pledges, af_davits of eligibility and petitions to the county clerk by noon on Feb. 1. Drawings for ballot position was scheduled for February 9. The election certi_cation that follows was slated to be held on or before April 28.

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