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Big bass beginning to bite again in Arkansas

Big bass beginning to bite again in Arkansas


Millwood Lake a hot spot for Arkansas anglers this week

Arkansas Wildlife Editor Millwood Lake fishing guide Mike Siefert, who provides us with a weekly report from the great black bass fishing lake in southwest Arkansas, says largemouth bass are about to be 'on fire' at Millwood. In the photo right, he's got a 4-pounder hooked to prove it. The cooler weather and lower nighttime temperatures have the largemouths in a feeding mode, he said, and they are following threadfin shad schools with random schooling in the oxbows. The highest activity period has been shifting to later in the morning and midday over the past couple weeks. Heading northeast from there, our reporter Darryl Morris of Family Fishing Trips Guide Service says that at DeGray Lake thecrappie are doing great on minnows under corks 10 feet deep on brushpiles, while white bass are roaming near the bottom in 20plus feet of water.

We have a new reporter from Cane Creek State Park who tells us the lake's crappie fishing is picking up. The bite is best in the early morning and late evening. No. 6 minnows seem to be the ticket fished at a depth of 4-6 feet. Bass fishing is starting to get into the fall pattern and bass can be found chasing schools of shad.

We always love to hear how the fishing's going back in the ol' hometown, Pine Bluff, and on the Arkansas River, and the word from the UAPB Bass Fishing Team is that black bass now are biting fairly well, especially on white or bright-colored spinnerbaits, bladed jigs and square-bill cranks around wood cover near the bank, or on shallow sand ledges when the conditions are windy.

When it's calm, use darkcolored jigs in those same spots.

There is good fishing for bass and bream at Lake Sequoyah if you happen to be in the Fayetteville area for this weekend's football game, or if you just to be in that area for no other reason but to enjoy the great weather. The results have been similar at Lake Fayetteville, along with a continued good crappie bite.

We could go on and on with all those hot spots, but the fact is, October is shaping up to present us with great fishing opportunities galore if you just get out there. Keep reading this week for more good news and great reports.

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