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WM Sanitation to residents: ‘Take care of your cans!’

WM Sanitation to residents: ‘Take care of your cans!’

City cautioning customers to follow guidelines for new trash service


City cautioning customers to follow guidelines for new trash service


Last month, the city of West Memphis Sanitation Department rolled out new garbage bins to all its residential city customers. This month, the Sanitation Department began issuing warning notices to customers that do not know what to do with the wheeled carts.

The city provided the cans to help improve the looks of the city in an effort to reduce litter. The department taped notices to cans left standing at the curb more than a day after pick up.

The notice stated the warning was a courtesy, but if immediate action was not taken to roll the can back behind the house that fine could follow. The statement also provided reason for the rules that came with the cans. Having the cans put away keeps litter out of the lot and off the streets, sidewalks and alleys.

Containers must be out on time too, by 5:30 a.m. on the expected service date. The cart needs three feet of elbow room to ensure it doesn’t bump into other objects like vehicles or a mailbox, telephone poles, fire hydrants or trees.

Overflowing garbage bins which the lid will not shut may be left curbsides by garbage collectors. The notice reminded residential customers not to place building or construction debris out for residential collection.

The city provided answers to frequently asked questions about garbage collection at westmemphis or by phoning (870) 732-7580.

The West Memphis Sanitation Department has begun warning customers leaving their new bins on the curb to roll them away after collection. The notice warned about fines and asked residents to do their part to keep the city.

Photos by John Rech

The city has instructed residential garbage customers to put away garbage bins so they don’t block the streets or sidewalks.

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