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Crittenden County EMS medical director steps down



One of the county’s largest ambulance service is changing medical directors.

Crittenden EMS Director Hudson Hallum thanked Dr. Michael Johnson for years of service with the 15-year-old ambulance company and announced Dr. Heath nay as the next medical director for the company. During the transition Crittenden EMS continued offering Advanced Life support one level shy of the paramedic level it had offered. State regulations required the surrender of medication under Johnson’s signature necessitating the temporary step down services offered.

“Due to the regulations from the Arkansas Department of Health and the DEA, upon his resignation all medication acquired through his licensees must be surrendered through avenues prescribed in regulations,” said Hallum. “We are continuing to provide 911 services in our communities.”

Johnson tendered his twoweek notice on Oct. 2. Hallum estimated his paramedic level service would be restored by October 17. For the meantime, the Hallum said paramedic coverage in the county would continue through mutual aid agreements with competitors and the city of West Memphis. Hallum said Dr. Johnson cited the need for more day to day involvement with the growing company would be required and indicated family priorities prevented him from providing the needed oversight.

Hudson maintained Johnson’s resigned with the priority of being a dad to his family and was not connected to any potential regulatory violation. The Health Department conducted a recent on site inspection at Crittenden EMS and issued a press release about violations at the company, but the company had not received word of any violations as of last week.

“If we are notified of any potential violations, we will cooperate fully in any investigation as we will remain fully transparent with our regulatory agencies” said Hallum.

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