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Get your little butt back in that cell!”]

Get your little butt back in that cell!”]


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all you gun totin’ drive by shooters; you have been warned, best pay attention!!!!! Crittenden Couty now has a judge who isn’t playing games especially if your bullets hit and kill someone!!!! Just ask the guy that got sentenced last week 2 life terms and 835 years for his drive by shooting that killed an off duty police of_cer!!!!


[Editor’s Note: I’m all for putting gun thugs away for a long, long time, but I did chuckle a little when I read that sentence. I mean, I guess it does send a message and I hate that anyone, let alone an off-duty police of_cer, lost his life, but it did remind me of a line I once heard from Richard Pryor about a man he met while _lming a show in prison who had been sentenced to three life sentences.

“How the – do you do triple life?” Pryor asked. “That means if he dies and comes back, he’s got to go to the penitentiary. Forget kindergarten!

Just an FYI for homeowners. I learned today that the property tax appraisals go by outside measurements. If you have a 2 story house the top oor is estimated. So if you only have a bonus room upstairs you could be paying for the whole upstairs area.

Basically, if you don’t have the same amount of room upstairs as you do downstairs there is a good chance you are overpaying. They don’t use the original square footage from where it was originally built. So for 15 years the house we bought 4 years ago has had an extra 500-600 square ft added to it. Check your square footage on your house. [Editor’s Note: I just recently got a notice from the assessor’s of_ce that the value of my home had gone up quite a bit. I wonder if I would

Asking for a friend,we were driving to WM … and going down under the railroad track … we saw what look toilet paper hanging down from the expressway … did someone try to toilet paper the expressway?? [Editor’s Note: A few months ago, wasting toilet paper in such a frivolous manner would be so heinous a crime, you’d likely get a harsher sentence than the judge handed out in the case referenced above.

While I did not actually see what you (or your friend) saw, I did see on Facebook that someone opined it was a broken tow strap that was left hanging off the highway, which sounds pretty feasible, but isn’t nearly as amusing as some punk kids out trying to TP the interstate]

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