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Another Autumn


It’s almost fall, y’all…

It’s maxing out in the 80’s more often than the 90’s these days, which is OK by me. Don’t get me wrong. I’d much rather it be hot than cold. I know the heat is tough, but I’d rather swelter than shiver. Besides, I tend to shut down in the winter time, so I’m usually all for the summer.

But for whatever reason (maybe it’s my electric bill) I’m kind of ready for fall this year. Chalk it up to most of my regular summer activities (baseball games, trips to Six Flags, family reunion, etc.) getting cancelled due to the coronavirus, I guess. Or maybe summers jost don’t mean that much to me anymore as I’m super old now (I turned 47 in August).

Whatever the reason, I’m ready to break out the pumpkin spice and maybe dig a faded flannel shirt out of the closet (and making sure to check it for spiders… I’m not making that mistake again after my brown recluse bite that will be a year old next month and STILL doesn’t look right).

Now, there are a few things about fall I’m decidedly not looking forward to, though, like the end of Daylight Saving Time. Weren’t we supposed to vote on that? Well, if it comes up again, I’m all for staying on it. I hate when it gets dark at 5:00! I’m also not looking forward to playing “Rake-A-Palooza” in my front yard again. It still amazes me that even though I have exactly zero trees that are actually in my front yard, it still manages to collect a thick layer of dead leaves on a weekly basis.

You know, come to think of it, maybe it could just stay summer for a few more weeks. I’d much rather wear a tank-top than a sweater anyway.

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