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than weird claims about opponents.

than weird claims about opponents.


President Trump has claimed that Presidential candidate Joe Biden will 'Hurt the Bible.' How, Why? The Bible is either a publication of which over five billion copies have been printed (Guinness Book of Records) so it can't physically be removed or it is a set of stories and beliefs that have lasted over 2,000 years so it is unlikely that one person, even a president, could remove that from society.

There are also a number of other sets of written beliefs in the Quran, the Torah or the Book of Mormon with literally hundreds of millions of copies printed and one of these four sets of beliefs could be found in almost every home although President Trump hasn't mentioned them, possibly because he is not familiar with them. The only real way to hurt a Bible is physically, a Bible Burning and no President or Candidate would do that, we hope. Any attempt to stop the observation of a religion, and sadly there have been many attempts, are doomed to failure as history has shown. Soon someone will be inaugurated, by swearing on a Bible most likely and taking the oath of office. Hopefully, they will know which way to hold the Bible. There is much to pray for now especially a cure for the COVID-19 Virus so let us concentrate on that rather

[ Editor’s Note: It’s bad enough that we’re dragging politics into a worldwide health care crisis, and now we’re apparently dragging religion into a political circus. How about this? We talk about political issues during political debates, let medical experts guide us on matters related to public health and safety, and worship God how we feel led in our own way and never mix any of the two, let alone all three? Sound good. I believe Lynyrd Skynyrd said it best when they sang, “ If you want to talk fishin’, well I guess that’ll be OK. Don’t ask me ‘ bout my business, and I won’t send you away]

*** No, avocados do not spread COVID-19 but the people handling them might. The search for a perfect breakfast avocado starts with squeezing them to check for ripeness as the skin color is not reliable enough. After checking a dozen or so the choice is made and the other eleven are left behind for others to check. The wearing of masks is a start, and surely should be compulsory, but we need to think of every possibility to prevent the spread of the virus. Yes, I do not like wearing the masks either, but I want to live and would be ashamed if I had not and someone had become ill. Be a

[ Editor’s Note: I agree with you… I think.

Not gonna lie, I love a good analogy, but I’m a little confused about the whole avocado thing. Why avocados specifically?

Were people worried about catching the coronavirus from avocados? If so, I’d be safe, because I to not like avocados in the least.

Wait, is this some dig against those dan Millennials and their avocado toast? If so, I lost something in the translation. Anyway, I saw that a dog that had tested positive for COVID- 19 had died…

at least that’s what the headline said. Of course, the dog did not actually die from the coronavirus, but you’d have to click on the link to read the actual article, and we all know ain’t nobody got time for facts in our twitterverse facebooksphere, so… what were we talking about again?]

*** No one filed to run for Frank Martin’s old job, so does the mayor just appoint one or what? Can you apply for an elected position.

[ Editor’s Note: OK, so I’m not super clear but I looked into it, and from what I gather, there are a couple of things going on here. First of all, the late great Frank Martin not only served as the elected City Treasurer for the City of West Memphis, he also served as the City Finance Director for the Cit of West Memphis, which is an appointed position. Now, while those are two separate positions, they are basically the same job duties ( for the record, Martin only drew a salary for one of those jobs, I don’t remember which at the moment). So, it’s possible the city could simply hire a new City Finance Director and the City Treasurer’s position could just be unfilled or possibly simply abandoned. It’s not unprecedented for that sort of thing to happen. For example, the City of West Memphis used to have a Vice- Mayor, but that hasn’t been a thing since the early 1990s. I believe that would only take a simple resolution by the City Council.

The other option would be, like it is when any other elected municipal seat is without a candidate. In that scenario, the mayor would recommend a number of possible candidates to the governor, who would chose from among the nominees the new City Treasurer, who would then serve until the next election cycle]

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