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Go Greyhound


I’m a cat person.

I’m married to a dog person, and have been for almost 28 years, so there’s your proof that the two can co-exist. We also have both in our house, and for the most part, they co-exist too.

But I don’t like dogs.

I will, however, admit to liking one dog… ever. A few days ago, we were out riding bikes and we came across a lady walking a pair of greyhounds. If you’ve ever walked a greyhound, you’ll know that sometimes it’s more like they are walking you. But these two were pretty chill.

Seeing them reminded me of the greyhound I brought home from work back when I worked at Southland. Some greyhounds are, admittedly, not pet material. They can be aggressive and loud and too rambunctious to keep around the house, but the one I took home was not. Her name was Kelly (her racing name was BT’s Kelly Girl), and she was this cool yellow color that’s identified as “fawn” in the greyhound world.

After her racing career was over and the decision was made not to breed her, she was put up for adoption and I had already called dibs, so I brought her home. This was around 2002.

We had her for about three years until New Year’s Eve of 2005, she got spooked by some fireworks and climbed our fence and shot off into the night. Despite our search, we never saw her again. I hope she found a good home.

I said all that to say this… with greyhound racing ending at Southland in a couple of years, there are going to be a lot of greyhounds in search of homes. If you’ve got room in your heart and in your home, I would strongly recommend adopting one. Just keep them inside on fireworks nights…

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