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Man of the People

Man of the People


Joe Biden was unpacked the other day at a Philadelphia event on the economy.

He was his usual insightful and visionary self.

“You know the economy, Umm, uh, with…I don't know,” he told those in attendance.

Followed by: “We gotta…I'm beginning to be bored by my own talk here.”

I tell you Joe's a Renaissance man…has a million opinions about everything. The only problem is that he has them all at the same time!

He's got more opinions than a Ouija board.

And he's undisputed King of the partial sentence, even though none of them seem to go together at all-you know? Like a jigsaw puzzle does. But, he's out there, somewhere in an underground bunker, hunkering down, waiting for his debut.

And, from time to time, you see him on the tube-always in short snippets of about 7 seconds or so-mumbling, stumbling. Or else, he's made a fast escape into one of the first floor rooms, where his aides are probably giving chase at that very moment; wild-eyed, pointing at the camera and babbling incoherently as birds from outside trees on a lawn are heard through an open window, peeping and chirping over his words.

The Democrats sure have him on a short chain.

That's for sure.

Makes you wonder if maybe AOC and the fraud squad call Joe up just to punk him.

You know, telling him one day to be for gun control, then calling him the next day telling him to declare against gun control; to be for/against defunding the police, or even chanting over the phone, “Stand up, sit down, turn around…do the hokeypokey. That's what it's all about.”

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By Robert L. Hall ROBERT HALL (cont.)

And see him do it, in real time-all televised from his basement.

All just for kicks.

Those crazy kids.

But, given all that transpired on the campaign trail, maybe the basement is as good a place for Joe to be as anywhere else.

After all, Joe

have some rough edges.

Where most politicians running for office kiss babies, Joe was out there calling one woman “A lying,

And telling an ex-marine veteran attending his Iowa rally, he was a 'damn liar,' challenged him to do pushups and an IQ test, and at another point appeared to say, 'Look, fat, look. Here's the deal.'

But, that's just Joe…as his Democrat colleagues are wont to say.

Either you like him smelling your hair and squeezing you in all the right places, or you don't.

Take it or leave it.

Again, “That's just Joe,” they say.

They don't apologize for him, and neither does he.

Maybe he was just a little touchy because he didn't have his tapioca pudding that day?

Hard to say, because he never remembers eating it.

But then, he doesn't remember anything else.

Take the Tara Reade rape accusation against him for example.

During an interview with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, Biden was asked whether he remembered Reade being on his staff for about a year in 1992-1993.

'Well, to be honest with you, I don't,' Biden responded. 'But let me get something clear, when a woman makes a claim that she has been harassed or abused, and this claim has changed… she should be taken seriously. She should come forward, share her story, she should be taken seriously and it should be thoroughly vetted. And in every case, what matters is the truth. The truth is what matters. And the truth of the case is nothing like this ever, ever happened… I give you my word. It never, ever happened.'

Which got me thinking.

Wait a minute. Joe just said that he didn't remember Tara Reade, who worked in his office for a year.

Then he immediately follows that statement with the claim that the rape did not happen.

Yet, he doesn't remember her.

But, it didn't happen.

Doesn't remember.

See where all this is going?

To recap: He doesn't remember what didn't happen?

Isn't that by very definition called, 'dementia?' I'm thinking, y-e-a-h.

So, how could he say with a straight face, the following: “And the truth of the case is nothing like this ever, ever happened…I give you my word. It never, ever happened.”

And STILL expect anyone to believe him?

Isn't that rather iffy?

Do Canadians say, “Eh?”

You know, the left is claiming that Joe is a raving genius and that he should be the next president.

But, I'm thinking they are only half right.

Because he IS raving.

Yet, one thing is…he's consistent.

Consistently wrong.

During the campaign he didn't know what city he was in, what state, or even what time of the day it was.

That's another good thing about Joe; You don't have to worry about him keeping the public guessing. He's too busy keeping himself guessing.

But, he's certainly got the police unions guessing at the moment. He came out the other day to defund them. Then he turned around the next day and said not to defund them.

And Joe ought to know.

He's an expert on police training, you know?

He's on record, saying that if a crook is coming at you with a knife, “Just shoot them in the leg, instead of the heart. “

Words to the wise.

And it's not the first time he was….well, wrong.

But, I'm sort of with the Democrats on the 'defund the police' thing.

I think they should do it.

But only in the lefty neighborhoods.

So they can lead by example.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

And it would be so instructive for the rest of us. And also allow the left to run their virtue-signaling flag up the flagpole. Because all the rest of us are all so 'racist' don't you know?

Yet, doesn't that beg the question, “If everybody is racist, then maybe nobody is racist? Like, if everybody

is Hitler.”

Like that.

But, getting back to it, Old Joe is Mr. Friendly to the working people.

Grinning ear to ear on the tube when you see him.

Puts me in mind of a weird kid I sat next to in Middle School.

Everyone used to keep a close eye on him because he sat in his seat, telling himself jokes and giggling at them at the most inopportune

Like he didn't know the punch line before he told himself the joke?

You know?

Like Joe.

Maybe THAT'S why Joe is smiling all the time on camera?

Maybe he's just 'funning himself,' like Jimmy Carter was wont to say.

Which leads me to my suggestion for the Democratic Party campaign slogan this year, which is: “Vote Joe. He's Slow!”

“Watch your micro-aggressions,

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