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The nest is (mostly) empty


How’s your pandemic summer going? It’s been a busy few months at my house. I’ve mentioned it before, but once the coronavirus hit the fan and they started shutting everhything down in Arkansas, that left my two sons with no reason to just come on home.

Oh, and they brought their fiances with them.

That’s right, both of my sons were scheduled to get married in the middle of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

Well, guess what? They did it.

Yes, despite the threat that coronavirus safety guidelines meant that all of their plans were up in the air, on June 13, my middle child and his lovely bride made their way out to “The Barn” in Crawfordsville and got hitched in front of God and everyone. It’s been amost three weeks and no one has reported being positive for coronavirus so I guess we’re off the hook for that one.

Then, not even two full weeks later, my oldest boy married a girl he’d had his eye on for years but only got around to dating her about six months ago. It was a whirlwind romance, apparently, and we got to know her thanks to the coronavirus and her living with us since March.

Theirs was a much more scaled-back to-do, with a few dozen family members and friends on hand on “The Hill”… a piece of family-owned property in beautiful, scenic Haynes, Arkansas. Even the threat of rain turned out to be a non-factor.

Well, as of last week, the newlyweds (both pairs) are out of the house and off to begin their married lives together.

My house suddenly seems so empty… and quiet.

But don’t worry, I’ve still got my 14-year-old daughter to contend with, so I’ll still be able to keep busy.

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