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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


I just heard a rumor that the coronavirus is in Willowbend??? I hope it’s not true! [ Editor’s Note: Sadly, it is, in fact, true. I believe there are 14 positive cases there, and the first COVID- 19 relateddeath in Crittenden County was at Willowbend. It is sad, and my heart goes out to them and their families. I read an article recently with the headline “ When you die from coronavierus, you die alone,” and I can only imagine the grief and frustration of having a loved one dying and not being able to be there to comfort them and say goodbye because they are being quarantined]

So, we can’t get our garbage picked up on time but we can spray disinfectant on the playground? Talk about your mixed-up priorities!

[ Editor’s Note: I don’t even know what to say here… I guess I will point out that the Sanitation Department and the Parka Department are two separate entities, so one has nothing to do with the other] ***

I hate losing the Monday and Friday papers but I will say you did a good job of getting almost eveerything into this week’s Times that I enjoy reading. I will stick with the paper and see how it goes.

[ Editor’s Note: This coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on many, many businesses, and the newspaper industry is no exception. Our whole business model is based on news, events and advertising.

When everything is closed it’s very hard to keep those revenue srtreams going, but we’re doing what we can to stay in business in these uncertain times.]

“Tennis, Anyone?”

Looking for something to do during the pandemic? Experts agree that playing tennis in a socially-distant and medically- acceptable activity during the coronavirus crisis. Caitlin Howe and Ben Vernosky were up at the Tilden Rodgers Park courts this weekend getting some swings in. Just be sure to stay at least six feet from other players and limit group sizes to under 10.

Photo by John Criner

Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

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