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Fishing Healthy (and Free)

Fishing Healthy (and Free)


W e know the Coronavirus can not swim, so hiding out in a boat is safe. So far no fisherman has been reported to have the virus. Social distancing is the buzz word now and fishermen do not like other folks getting too close, especially if the fish are concentrated in a hot spot. Our governor must be a fisherman because he told the AGFC to waive all fishing licenses and trout permits for both residents and nonresidents from Saturday, March 21, to Sunday, March 29, 2020. However, daily limits and length restrictions will remain in effect. The kids have a long spring break and many people have been told to not go to work. This is perfect to catch up on fishing, but someone made the weatherman mad again.

This last week weekend was cold, cloudy, and windy. Everything fishermen do not want when the crappie and bass are getting ready for the spring spawn.

The new “spring” break for both students and workers should have some pretty fishing days. After all, it’s almost April.

Wampanocca is slow but the few caught are good size. Horseshoe had both Bonds’ and KareFree parking lots full with bass tournament fishermen.

The lake was windy and had white caps, and it was cold and cloudy. Very few crappie fishermen ventured out. Midway has fresh river water and it will be a few weeks before the fish start biting. There were no reports on Burnt Cane and the fishing is probably poor. The private ponds and lakes have little action due to this awful weather. We just have to wait for Mother Nature to smile on us.

Papa Duck lives on 4 acres in the Proctor area with about 40 trees that drop leaves by the thousands and branches by the ton. Fortunately just down the road, Rain Creekmore has a work crew that does a super job on the sticks and leaves at a reasonable price.

It took them 3 days to make my yard look good.

I would recommend them to anyone. Call Rain at The Willow Stone at 901-949-2212. You will be pleased when he finishes. Easter is just around the corner and he has Easter Bunnies for sale. Easter rabbits used to be sold in dime stores and hardware stores, but that is a thing of the past. These bunnies are healthy and loveable. Give him a call while they are still available.

Turkey season opens April 13 in some zones. We will discuss this later as the season gets closer. Turkey hunting is very exciting and a gobbler is a true trophy.

To my readers. We have discontinued the 870-732-0455 phone. It was a land line and attracted at least a dozen telemarketers daily.

Please use 901-482-3430.

Papa Duck keeps this phone with him.

Maybe during our national spring break, the weather and fish will cooperate and every body will take a kid fishing. Take plenty of pictures and send them to me along with the story. Lakeside Taxidermy is steady mounting your trophies and would appreciate more. A two plus pound crappie is a beautiful mount to hang in the den, especially if the kid caught it. We do quality work at a reasonable price and you get it back quickly. Warden Andy needs some questions. Our game wardens did not get this spring vacation and will check both fishermen and turkey hunters.

Papa Duck Lakeside Taxidermy 901-482-3430

Choppy waters out at Horseshoe Lake.

You get a line and I’ll get a… bow? Natalie and David Hughes did a little bowfishing over the weekend.

Photos by John Criner

Nothing better to do to relieve some pandemic anxiety than doing a little relaxing fishing. Just ask Nevaeh Henderson and friend. Just don’t forget about social distancing!

Everette, Ty and Kaya Creekmore… the Cleanup Crew, with the tools of their trade.

John Criner

Outdoor Columnist

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