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West Memphis wants the city to look better, pick up the trash that’s all over town. Bend at the waist, pick up the trash.

Kroger, both Big Stars, Dollar Tree both and a lot of others has more trash than the dumpsters you keep picturing. City employees should walk on the trash stop and pick up. Oh and look at Orange barrels everywhere. Come on simple clean doesn’t cost. [Editor’s Note: You know what else doesn’t cost anything?

Picking up your own trash!

That’s right… Bend at the waist, pick up the trash…

Or better yet, don’t actually throw it on the ground in the _rst place. I get that littering is a thing. Some folks think the world is their own personal garbage can.

Those are garbage people, and they’re not going to change their ways, so I’m probably wasting my time here. Yes, the city does employ people to collect trash and dispose of it, but we’re not talking about emptying trash cans here.

We’re talking about people who _nish a Big Mac and just toss the wrapper out of their car window, or they just spit their gum on the sidewalk, or my personal “favorite”… the used baby diaper in the shopping cart.

It’s just a complete lack of respect and courtesy for one’s fellow man. Did you know there’s actually a Facebook page dedicated exclusively to documenting the litter and trash problem in the city. It’s called Trash

Got my letter about mailing the paper to me.

Wondering what happens on holidays that fall on Monday and no mail. Back to the same ole thing No paper! [Editor’s Note: I’m glad you asked this.

I don’t know what to tell you just yet, but I will run this question up the chain of command and see what kind of response I get and get back to you] First let me say that I am glad to see point-counterpoint back in the paper but about the article on March 20 I have a question for you Mr. Hardin. If while at Target your wife/daughter goes to the bathroom and some “I feel like a woman today” man goes in behind them, what are you going to do?

What’s the right thing to do? And I enjoy the evening times very much, thank you. [Editor’s Note: OK, I could probably write an entire column on this one, but I’ll try to keep it shortish … Let me _rst say, that if you think that men dressing and posing as men (and vice-versa) is something even remotely new, you’re quite mistaken. Transsexualism and Transvestism are thousands of years old… literally. Both the Romans and Egyptians had terms for them. The thing that caused all of this controversy a few years back was all because the government, like it always does, decided to stick its nose where it doesn’t belong… in this case, under the skirts of folks who are anatomically male but present themselves (either some or all of the time) as female. (Again, it also happens the other way, but for some reason, no one is up in arms about women who identify as male… weird, huh?). You see, they’ve always been there… going into the ladies’ room, doing their business, powdering their noses, whatever else it is you women-folk do in there. And no one cared, because no one knew. You see, biological males who “present” as females want to be seen and treated as females. No one, and I mean no one, is dressing up as a woman so they can go watch my wife or daughter pee in the Target restroom.

It’s just not happening. It’s a hysteria dreamed up by the media and the government to have something else to be outraged about.

If someone is dressed like a woman, acting like a woman, and going to the women’s bathroom, it’s because they are “identifying as female,” not because they are perverts looking to peep at your women. I guess, admittedly, in this terrible, terrible society we live in, there is a very, very, very minuscule chance that there exists some sex maniac who might get all dolled up and go into the ladies’ room to spy on unsuspecting women, but that is so far outside the realm of probability, it’s not worth all the pearl clutching that has gone on.

Now, having said that, I won’t even begin to claim to fully understand “gender uidity” and “non-binary gender” concepts. I’m OK with “you be you and I’ll be me” and don’t care in the slightest what you identify as. You have the right to be happy. I have the right to be happy. But biology is biology, and if you have certain anatomy you’re a dude and if you have certain anatomy you’re a gal. Outside of very rare chromosomal anomalies, that applies to everyone. I don’t make the rules, it’s just simple science] Glad to see the governor _nally closed the casino.

Schools closed, sports cancelled, churches closed or online only. It only makes sense. Wonder why it took so long? [Editor’s Note: I think you know why. I’ll give you a hint… it rhymes with funny, honey, sunny and runny. In all seriousness, I actually understand the rationale behind keeping Southland open. Yes, it’s a potential haven for the virus, but I’m all about personal responsibility. If you’re concerned about the virus, stay home.

If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re in one of the highrisk demographics, stay home. Of course, no one around here seems to be willing to practice that level of self-discipline, so no real surprise they decided to shut it down. It is, however, going to have a long-lasting economic impact on the city and county]

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