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Marion schools offer update

Marion schools offer update

Students, parents can expect another round of AMI packets to continue educational process


Students, parents can expect another round of AMI packets to continue educational process

In an effort to keep the community informed in the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the Marion School District offered an update to parents and students.

“By now, many of you have learned that this afternoon the Governor announced the extension of school closings in Arkansas through Friday, April 17,” said superintendent Dr. Glen Fenter. “This extension brings with it a long list of questions that we hope to be providing answers for as further direction comes from the governor and his staff.”

What we do know.

1) Following Spring Break our buildings will be open on an abbreviated schedule for our faculty and staff.

2) We will be distributing the second 5 days of AMI by the end of the day today, which provides instruction for March 30- April 3.

3) A schedule for instruction for April 6 forward will be developed and distributed as further direction is provided by the State.

4) We plan to continue our feeding program weekdays, including Spring Break, from now until school resumes. A revised distribution plan will begin on Monday, March 23, and will be shared tomorrow.

“More to come,” said Fenter. “Please continue to monitor the district’s website and other media outlets for up-to-date information.”

The West Memphis and Earle school districts conveyed similar guidelines on their web sites and social media accounts. West Memphis Christian School, St. Michael’s Catholic School, Steudlein Learning Center, and the Delta School in Wilson have all gone to alternative methods of instruction as well as the threat of the coronavirus pandemic continues.


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